How To Improve The Interior Design, When You Are Living In A Lease to Own Home In Florida?


Living in Florida is not as easy as many claims. From getting a place to live to take grocery, bills, fuel, and other everyday expenses into account, life in Florida is expensive and difficult.

Yet, two things make living in Florida worthwhile. First, the sun keeps shining and you won’t have to cancel events and parties because of the bad weather. Lastly, you won’t have to pay an income tax for home ownership, if it doesn’t excite you then what will? But, the quest to get your own home in Florida is not an easy journey. The property prices are skyrocketed and the mortgage process is length, strict, and difficult. Instead of ending up losing all the money in renting a property, the wise thing is to go for a lease to own home in Florida.

Though, living in a leased house has its own trials and tribulations that can only be managed seamlessly when the lease agreement is based on amicable terms for both, lessee and leaser.

No worries, for people who are planning to lease their own home in Florida temporarily, then it is recommended to seek an expert, who can negotiate a lease agreement on your behalf.

Lease agreement negotiation is extremely important especially when you opt for home renovation and modification. After searching for months if you still settle upon a property that is compact and you don’t have the modification rights, then we have some tips, which will help you in customizing your home, the way you want it to be without violating the lease agreement. We have taken into account the limited budget and resources in mind, but the rest is dependent on you!

Tips for Customizing Rented House in Florida

1. Repaint The Interior

Either you are living in a small apartment, condo, studio,  or you have just leased your own home in Florida, repainting walls is one of the proven ways to bring a new feel to your small home. Once you decide to paint, you will notice that you have a lot of options. But it is recommended to go with soft blonde, purple, gunmetal grey, dark teal, beige, and mint green because, they go well with Florida’s warm weather. Feel free to experiment! In order to avoid scam, it better to go with verified property either for rent or to buy a house.

2. Wallpaper Can Hide The Ugly Sights

If you want to live luxury life in Florida, then remember you have to invest. The more you are willing to invest in home inspection, you will be more likely to get better property. No worries, if you have to live in a small place with a lot of defects. What if we told you that you can hide the holes and faded paints with the help of wallpapers? In fact, you can do more.

First of all, wallpaper is durable. Unlike paint, it can last for up to 15 years. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing wallpaper if you aim to rent a home in Florida Orlando for like 5 to 10 years.

3. Instead Of Placing Shelves, It’s Better To Go With Bookcases

If you have a lot of furniture, which is ready to ship to your new home in Florida, then beware, it can make your space cramped. So, instead of going with multiple shelves, it is recommended to go with bookcases. There are several designs that you can opt for, either go within the wall bookcases or you can customize the bookcase according to your style by hiring a carpenter with which you can sign your own agreement.

Well, the lateral option is much better, because you can remove or rearrange furniture’s orientation without any problem.

4. Invest In Command Hooks

Owning a home mean, you have to do a lot more than just regular maintenance. Therefore, to avoid damage, it is recommended to go with command hooks. Are you wondering, why command hooks? Well, there are three reasons, first, you can rearrange the alignment of the hook without damaging the wall. Secondly, they are highly customizable. Lastly, jumbo hooks can handle weight up to 5llb.

Moreover, you can use command hooks everywhere. For instance, you can use it to hold fairy lights, towels, and crockery. Moreover, command hooks come in transparent, metal, and plastic material which makes them highly adaptive.

5. Rugs & Throw Cushions

One of the worst things about a leased home in less space. In such a situation, going minimalist can save you bucks.

Instead of carpets, you can buy rugs. Similarly, instead of a couch and extended sofas, you can place throw cushions in your study and living area to make it more cosy and relaxing.

6. Revamp Floor With Contact Paper Or Laminate Tiles

While leasing a home or signing a lease agreement, the condition of a floor is the least bothered, as many people prefer to install carpet. But, it cost a lot. You have to take into account occasionally carpet cleaning and vacuum. Therefore, we recommend installing contact paper or self-adhesive laminate tile.

Wondering why? Because they are water-resistant and you can easily install them on your own. Plus, self-adhesive laminate tiles come in various textures and designs. You can even select the hardwood and stone texture to match your interior. When damaged, you just have to replace a single tile instead of replacing the entire floor. This makes them highly affordable, and budget-friendly.

7. Improve Air Quality And Visual With Plants

To make the indoor cosy, we recommend putting plants inside your house. They not only improve the visuals but also purify the air. Top on our list is Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, Dragon Tree, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, and Rubber Tree. All of these plants can survive indoor and simultaneously require less upkeep.

8. Curtains

One of the things that enhance the touch and feel of a house is “curtains”. It holds second on our list of home improvement, especially when you are living in a rented place.

Living in a rented or leased house means, you don’t have the liberty to either move windows or enlarge their size, but installing a curtain closer to the ceiling can improve visuals. Plus, you can mix and match multiple fabrics to achieve your desired outcome.

Beware! Wrong curtain fabric or material can ruin your house’s visuals.

Instead of choosing heavy material, it is better to go with light-weight fabric with a lighter tone. Wanna know why? Because they don’t block daylight and make small places luxurious and cosy

Parting words

Whether you live in leased own house in Florida or in a rented space, it is important to customize it to match your comfort. No matter how much you try liking a new place, you will never find it pleasing unless you modify it to aligned with your taste and living style. Instead of going toward a rented house, it is recommended to go for leased own house, because you won’t have to face sudden eviction and monthly rent. In the USA, you will find’s website, a reliable resource. It contains the best listing from which you can choose the best house to rent in Florida.



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