How to Keep Your Kitchen Look Good in 2022


With holiday euphoria underway, it’s time to make a few New Year’s resolutions. A lot of improvement can come by making immediate surroundings better, like your home. Since the living room, bedroom, and bathroom are always in the center of makeovers, let 2022 be about keeping your kitchen look good. So, here is how to do it in affordable and simple ways.  

Start recycling

Let 2022 be about helping the environment by separating your trash for recycling. Choose differently color trash bags, where each represents one type of recycled waste, like blue for plastic, green for glass, and yellow for paper. Not only will this make your kitchen tidier, but make you feel better about adopting a green lifestyle. Additionally, if you have a garden, don’t throw out food waste since you can turn some of it into compost and be even greener. 

Keep everything in its place

Things in your kitchen should have their place and get back there until you need them again. If it’s easier, install an open shelf where you will store utensils, plates, and other items you use frequently. Keeping the kitchen isle and countertop clean can inspire you to prepare food, but more importantly, you won’t stress about the mess. In a way, organizing your kitchen is a wonderful way to start decluttering your home in 2022. 

Install under-cabinet lights

Those who have old kitchens but do not have a budget to replace them will love this simple and cheap trick to update them. Go to your favorite home store, get LED strip lights, and install them under your kitchen cabinets. Choose strings that emit white light to make the kitchen brighter and more modern, as well as comfortable to prepare food. A piece of advice — measure your under-cabinet area so you don’t buy shorter string lights.   

Mount a wineglass rack

A wineglass rack will not only free space in your cabinets but also make your kitchen more stylish. Hanging glasses upside down out in the open makes the kitchen more welcome, especially if this is where you like to entertain guests. Not to mention that you can more easily pour a glass of wine when you want one. The best thing about the wineglass rack is that you don’t have to drill holes and screw anything — just choose the one that you can hang under the cabinet on the lowest shelf.

Hang a magnetic knife strip

Those who like to cook know how tiring is to look for cutlery in the drawer or keep it in a bulky knife block on the kitchen counter. Instead, a magnetic knife strip offers a simple and chic solution that will make your kitchen look more modern and trendy. After all, the last two years of the global pandemic have inspired most of us to start cooking and experimenting with new recipes. It’s time to treat your inner chef with a cool way to store the cooking tools!

Mix in vintage furniture

When it’s time to get new furniture, your kitchen will look good in 2022 with a vintage piece. This will add warmth to the space and make your kitchen more domesticated. Nice vintage and antique furniture can be pricey, but you can find equally remarkable pieces at yard sales and fairs. If you are into DIY projects, look for items that need some fixing-up to make them unique and personal. 

Get rid of mismatched utensils

If you want to get rid of something old but are on a tight budget, we suggest you start from something small — mismatched utensils. There are a lot of options on the market and prices range based on the material utensils’ are made from and the manufacturer. Silicone-coated utensils are affordable, made for temperatures from -40°F to 446°F, and classy-looking for any kitchen design. Get a matching holder and keep them on the counter so they are both accessible and decorative.

Glam up with wallpapers

White kitchens are not going to be as popular in 2022. Fortunately, you don’t have to renovate the whole kitchen but only add a few details with wallpapers. The design should be something that pops up but goes well with the existing kitchen design. That way, you will create an accent wall that will visually enrich the space and make it more glamorous. Those who already have white kitchens can make them more interesting with papers in Pantone Color of the Year 2022 Very Peri, a violet-blue shade representing transformation.

Take good care of appliances

Whether you bought new appliances or have several years old ones, let 2022 be when you decided to take good care of them. Regular dishwasher, fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, stove, and oven repairs and maintenance are crucial to have them serve you longer. Cleaning them at least once a month with baking soda and white vinegar will also prolong their life. Faulty appliances can be a health and environmental hazard, so call repairmen at the first sign of something being wrong.    

Put a label on things

Labeling things in your kitchen, like ingredients, can make your kitchen more practical and organized. For example, you can write down the name of the product, the date you bought it, and when it will expire. I will help you keep a better track of what you need to buy or replace in your kitchen. If COVID-19 produced more than one cook in the home, this will be a good solution for everyone to find their way in the kitchen. 

Open shelving

A new-old trend that will see a comeback in 2022 is having open shelves in the kitchen. Those with small spaces will especially benefit from this one since it will make the kitchen more open. Instead of spending money on removing cabinets, you just take off the doors and repaint the shelves. The whole point of this trend is to make things accessible and cooking more comfortable. Besides, this is a good excuse to buy new kitchenware and put it on display.


The kitchen has become a favorite spot in the house for many during the lockdown, so it deserves special attention in 2022. Keep it organized, clean, and working properly, but also add a new piece of old furniture to make it cozy. Turn it into a spot to gather family and friends, but also to be a relaxing place to have an after-work glass of wine.  


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