How to Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to make small bedroom to bigger

Interior decoration of small rooms may turn into a herculean task when you are inexperienced in this field. Interior designers might be of help to arrange the room in such a way to make it look bigger. Discussed here are some tips to make a small bedroom look bigger.
You can try these to give an elegant appeal to the room. Even though the room cannot contain large furniture or bed, it will reflect spaciousness when you apply the hacks. Many a time bedroom design in Kerala tends to be less spacious. Requiring detailed intervention from interior designers to arrange it properly.

Shades in the Room

Use light shades in the bedroom, for it to reflect light and appear brighter. This is a vital factor to create the appeal of space. On the other hand, dark shades will absorb light making the room dim. Therefore, such colors and paint schemes are not at all advisable for small bedrooms. It will make the room more gloomy. Colors like white, pale blue, and beige are ideal for such rooms.

Availability of Natural Light

Large windows, doors, and ventilation will allow more light into the room. This will not only save energy but also make the room appear bigger. In addition to the availability of natural light, adequate ventilation is a benefit of having enough windows and openings. Maximum natural light in bedroom designs in Kerala cities like Kochi may be difficult due to the congestion of houses.

Put Mirrors

Usage of mirrors is an old practice to give an airy feeling to bedrooms. You can check out flea markets or interior design stores for artistically crafted mirrors. Consider putting designer-type mirrors that suit the design of the room would be preferable. Instead of plain mirrors that don’t have any artwork.

Furniture Planning

The furniture for the small bedroom must be planned before searching in the market. The shape, dimensions, and position of placement have to be confirmed in advance. Once the type and style of furniture, including the bed, has been finalized, you can approach the dealers. The bed can consume more space and reduce the usable area in the small bedroom. Hence, the selection of the right bed is of paramount importance.

Storage Spaces

Reduce extra items in the bedroom as much as possible. Even then, there would be items that are required to be kept in the bedroom. Vertical storage would be advisable for storing such items. Get help from an experienced interior designer if you need it. They will have concepts regarding the arrangement of storage space in bedroom design in Kerala. They will also help you with obtaining custom-designed cabinets and storage racks.

Avoid Dark Curtains

Dark curtains can turn the room darker. Having an impact on visual perception of the size. Consequently, a small room will appear smaller with dim shaded curtains and drapes. Light-colored curtains should be considered for the bedrooms.

Creative Ideas

Think of some out-of-the-box ideas if you are a creative person. It will be beneficial to make the room appear bigger, brighter, and spacious. The creative concept has to be custom-tailored according to the size and position of the room. Discuss with your spouse, friends, and relatives to have an evaluation of the ideas and choose the best one. Normally Kerala bedroom designs have some commonalities. Hence, it would take thorough brainstorming to reach upon a distinctive interior styling. Hoe interior designers will be able to help you with custom-designed features.

Legged Furniture

People normally choose a bed, cupboards, and other furniture that lies close to the floor. Shorter-legged furniture has been in vogue for a long time. It will be good if you can get furniture with legs for your small bedroom. The gap between the floor and the main body of the furniture will give an airy feel. Check this out while you plan the interior decoration. Go for it only if the style comprehends the room’s arrangement and is as per your taste.

Declutter the Bedroom

Remove all the unwanted items from the bedroom. Try to find space on the terrace or in any other room, for those items, which are not frequently used. The bedroom should have the essential items only. Decluttering is the first step in creating a roomy appeal in the bedroom. Bedroom design in Kerala, or any other place, are not meant to have much furniture or too many items. However, we forget that many times and dump items around and beneath the bed. This will create a cramped feeling in the bedroom, as well as, generate a kind of suffocation.

The Tail End

The bedroom is the space where we relax, rejuvenate and re-energize. The place where we relax after a day’s struggle and sweat. You must bear this in mind during the interior design and arrangement of the bedroom. Get in touch with reputed interior designers in case you are unable to do the proper arrangement of the small bedroom.


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