How to Remote access QuickBooks Desktop in 2022?

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Looking out for the procedure to access the desktop of QuickBooks remotely? Then this article will be helpful! QuickBooks Software managed to grow in the industry of accounting & is one of the top accounting software for businesses. It has advanced features & functionalities. The remote access feature has become necessary as demand for QuickBooks Software is growing. But people still face issues with “Remote access for QuickBooks Desktop.”

This article is based on guidance on how one can access a remote Desktop in QuickBooks Software. So, keep reading!

The Benefits of remote access to QuickBooks

There is a massive list of the benefits of accessing QuickBooks desktop remotely. Let’s go through the significant benefits of this feature:

  • It saves infrastructure cost & time of travel that is required for accommodating the
  • The remote access features make it easier to track accountants’ activities from
  • Helpful in transferring folders or files among the systems.
  • Users can easily print the documents using a remote system to a local printer.
  • The team being remote can still work with the team on the same file in the
  • QuickBooks Software.
  • It is also possible to copy & paste among both remote & local PCs. Intuit supported options of accessing QuickBooks remotely.

Some of the options shown at the time of QuickBooks functionality of remote access are as follows:

  • The QuickBooks tool of Remote Access: Its tool can connect the desktop to a remote machine where the Desktop of QuickBooks is installed.
  • Switching to the QuickBooks online tool: The QuickBooks Software works on the cloud entirely. Therefore, more than two users can collaborate on this software depending on the chosen plan. Another benefit is that the documents are safe on this software.
  • Hosting the desktop of QuickBooks in the cloud: This enables QuickBooks Desktop authorization on the servers of a Third party. The software can now be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Procedure to Setup Remote Access for QuickBooks Desktop

Follow these simple steps to access your QuickBooks Desktop remotely:

  • Browse for the “Intuit Website” and then look for the signup option for QuickBooks Remote Access.
  • Sign into your QuickBooks Remote Access Website using the login credential.
  • Now, open your web browser through which you want to access QuickBooks remotely.
  • Download the “Remote Access Tool” installation file and click on the setup computer.
  • Tick-mark all the “options” you want to enable whenever you want to login into a remote session.
  • Enter a nickname for your computer in the “nickname” field and proceed further.
  • Also, check all the applications you want to access during the remote access.
  • Choose the “verification option” which you want to use. There are two verification options to opt from: “Enter a Phone Number” or “Enter a Pass-Code.”


  • Submit all the information, and then you can access your system remotely.



The article has covered almost all the possible steps to use remote access features in QuickBooks. By following the steps till the end, it is ensured that users will be able to use the QuickBooks remote access feature.

However, suppose any user is still facing the issue in using the feature even after performing all the solutions provided. In that case, it is suggested to contact the support team of QuickBooks software for further guidance.


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