How to Safeguard Your Vehicle in summer

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Keep liquids filled up. bucks mobile car wash
It’s crucial to check your fluids during a heat wave since they aid in keeping the engine cool. This contains power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and motor oil. Heat transfer from the engine’s parts is more difficult if these fluids are low.

Have you recently replenished the engine coolant? To find out if it’s time to change the coolant, consult your owner’s manual. Otherwise, be certain that it is filled to the proper level.

Avoid out of the direct sun
Try to choose a shaded space or a parking lot that is underground or protected from the sun when you are looking for a place to park.

And keep one or two inches of your windows open. You can get visors that are tinted.

And keep one or two inches of your windows open. For security reasons, you can buy tinted visors that reflect light and hide the fact that your windows are down.

Employ a sun shade
If you can’t avoid parking in the sun, it’s a good idea to have a windshield shade on hand. Windshield shades not only serve to keep the interior of your car cool, but they also lessen the harm that sunlight can do to the space. If you leave your automobile in the sun, the dashboard may become cracked and dried out, which would be unpleasant.




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Keep Your Car Protected and Clean to protect your vehicle in summer


Use a detailing product to protect and reduce glare on your dashboard. Your car’s seats will stay cooler if you utilise seat coverings. In order to avoid cracks, keep leather seats well-conditioned during hot weather.

The exterior of your car might fade in the sun especially in warm weather. Waxing your car is an excellent way to shield it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Maintenance of hoses, belts, and tyres
On hot days when the pavement is blistering, underinflated tyres can be an issue and could perhaps result in a blowout. Hoses and drive belts are more susceptible to failure in hot weather, so check them to be sure they’re in good shape and showing no indications of cracking or other degradation.

Contact us right away to learn more about shielding your vehicle from the summertime heat.

Tips for keeping your car safe in the summer.



we will give you all types of services related to valet

We provide Best  Car detailing services in Marlow. That gives our customers a sense of luxury far away from your typical gas-n-go ,best part we car detailing services at our door step.



bile team provide Car detailind services at residences, workplaces, and recreational facilities in Marlow and all of Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. We have experience more than anyone of industry experience, and our valeters can clean everything from regular automobiles to high-end luxury vehicles, as well as yachts and helicopters. Since we are trusted by our customers to take care of their prized possessions, we will wash, clean, and valet your automobile with the utmost pride and attention to detail. Our crew operates from fully insured, self-contained vans to give you a high-quality, convenient automobile, whether you have a premium model or a car that needs some maintenance to restore it to its former glory.

Whether for a family run-around, a company fleet, or a prestige car, we offer a competent, dependable service that is affordable.


Services Provided:

cleaning an engine

Paint Defense

Services for Polishing


Air Freshener/Fragrance

auto wash

Interior Cleaning

Oxidation Elimination

Detailing tyres

Interior detailing done in full

Restoring paint

Scratch Elimination

Services for Waxing

interior decoration

Restoring the headlights

Detailing Services on the Go

Removal of tar, bugs, and tree sap

Rim and Wheel Detailing

The dedication to meticulous work that has led to the hand-selection of our completely qualified and insured workforce. When valeting or detailing your car, we only utilise the best materials and methods.

. Our overall score is 9.9/10.

Types of Vehicles we cater:

From Mom’s school cab or the family automobile to luxury, exotics, and historic cars, we cater to all vehicle types. Anything from a basic valet as part of a routine maintenance schedule to a comprehensive valet to get your automobile ready for a lease return or for sales. For scratch and swirl removal or paint restoration, we offer clay barring and machine polishing as part of our detailing services. Other specialised services include vomit or odour removal, convertible roof cleaning, and re-waterproofing. We can valet your car wherever it is—at home, at work, or out and about—because each of our vans is fully outfitted with its own water and power sources.

We always offer free advice, and we will customise your valet to meet your needs.

Customers who want their cars cleaned on a regular basis can receive reductions of up to 40% off our standard rates. Vehicles that are valeted at least once per month are eligible for the biggest savings.


For a little cost, nearby places may be covered.



We provide a wide range of services, including wash packages that include a basic exterior wash and power dry as well as our platinum package, which includes a soft cloth car wash, Simonize double bond with Teflon, Triple shine clear coat polish, Rain X complete protectant, Rust inhibitor, underbody flush, wheel bright, tyre shine, power vacuuming of the interior, windows cleaned inside, extreme towel drying, and the air freshener of your choice. In our covered bays, we also provide detailing, and the finished vehicles are of show room standard. Each customer’s needs are met by a variety of price points and services in the detail packages.

Cheap but luxurious valeting is available!


If you require a one-time or ongoing clean for any make of car, our mobile valeting service is the best option. In order to save you time, our vehicles are fully stocked.

If necessary, we can pick up the automobile and bring it back to our location because we are completely insured.

providing car detailing, Gyeon paint protection film, and valeting services for luxury automobiles, vintage and classic cars, supercars, special and one-of-a-kind cars, and your cars!

We have an intense enthusiasm for automobiles, a passion for excellent performance, and a great deal of affection for stylish modifications. These are just a few of the numerous traits I’ve learned over the past five years working in the UK’s automobile modification industry. Even the KULTURSCHOCK automotive show is held yearly at Gateshead International Stadium.

Now, we are constantly working to find the most efficient and hassle-free way to offer fellow car lovers top-shelf quality aesthetics, custom steering wheels, and performance parts for cars.

We have rivals that also aim to serve as the one-stop shop for all carbon fibre components and performance upgrades, but we are adamant about crossing the finish line first.

What We Do
If you’d like more power, better fuel economy, or the ideal combination of the two, Epic Remapping is a professional custom written in-house in the UK using data from your specific vehicle. We are entirely portable and travel at no additional cost to you!

With the help of the Epic Remapping service, car manufacturers’ limitations are lifted, allowing for the safe and reliable discharge of more power, better response, and reduced fuel consumption.

Our straightforward connection to more than 70k automobiles enables you to change a vehicle’s “Brain” without changing any additional hardware or engine parts.

Services- we provide


Booms and Pops

only applies to diesel cars; hardcut limiter

If the vehicle’s DPF was just physically removed, use the DPF Delete Map File command.

EGR Delete map file: once more, it is necessary to delete the real components before remapping the file.

Map file lambda delete:

To deactivate the adblue system

Vmax: remove speed limitation

Start/Stop/Delete: stop vehicles from entering eco mode.

Only for VAG diesel vehicles, the Hot Start Fix addresses the frequent problem of a vehicle not starting when the engine is hot.

Similar to DPF is swirl flap deletion. Swirl flat motor: Shut it off.

The mission of Garage TwentyEight is to deliver superior service to our clients, with all work being completed by highly qualified technicians, while leveraging our extensive industry

“We are convinced that Garage  will be able to meet your needs, no matter what they may be.”

We’ve done this by implementing a mobile detailing solution.  As automotive fans, we realise that one size does not fit all. If we don’t currently have a package that suits your needs, contact us and we will be pleased to design a customised package that does. We service , Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and any area 20 miles or less from the SL4 postal code.

There is no need to connect our van to your utilities because it has its own power and water supply.

Additionally, we provide a variety of specialised services,



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