How To Sell A House By Owner

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When it’s time to move, some resilient homeowners really want to take control of their home sales and find ways of selling a house by owner.

Why sell a house to the owner?

Three main reasons for people quoting to sell FSBO include: “Do not want to pay a commission or cost” (36%); sold to relatives, friends, or neighbors (30%); Or that buyers contact the seller directly (8%), according to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Pro sells a house by the owner

  • The ability to save on the cost of listing agent commissions, usually around 3% of the selling price.
  • You are really responsible and can manage sales as you like.
  • There is no “intermediary” in your communication with the buyer.

Cons sell house by the owner

  • The FSBO list tends to sell less, statistically.
  • Unless the seller already has a buyer, the FSBO list can take longer to sell. For example, Todd said FSBO Homes in Gainesville spent 30-40 extra days in the market.
  • Managing all communication and negotiations themselves take time. Not having a communication buffer can be a loss if the buyer pushes back or says negative things about your property.
  • You will negotiate without the help of an expert, which can mean leaving money on the table.
  • Determine the challenging list price – you might be tempted to go too high. You can also take risks below sales at low prices.

Your home marketing takes time.

You still have a sales fee, which may include transfer tax and completion fees. Not having agents’ representatives can also cause more payment at the seller’s concession.

Apart from the cons, we will help you navigate the FSBO challenge if you are committed to selling your home without the help of an agent.

Steps to sell houses by the owner

Next, let’s review the FSBO process step by step.

  1. Prepare your home for sale

Whether you sell with an agent or FSBO, at least you want to make your home an honorable form before any show to increase your chances of receiving a reasonable price. Here are some standard tasks to be added to the list.


These efforts will greatly help impressive buyers:

  • Declutter Floors, shelves, and surfaces throughout the house.
  • Make small repairs and repairs, such as leaky taps or damaged doors.
  • Update lightly with new lights, faucet, or cabinet hardware.
  • Hardwood floor repair.
  • More back the bold wall (or that looks gloomy) in a neutral color.
  • Reduce furniture in a crowded room – Consider temporary storage units.
  • The stage of the house with a final touch such as fresh flowers or a basket of fresh products.
  • Use the carpet to define space and place it strategically.
  • Clean deep until the house is sparkling.


Some important increases of sidewalks attractiveness can include:

  • Cut grass and pull weeds.
  • Apply fresh mulch freely.
  • Increase your landscape. Consider the new paths, flowers, or bushes.
  • Add a layer of fresh exterior paint.
  • Install a new garage door if you look old or not function properly.
  1. Do the homework needed to set a competitive price

You have arrived at a critical moment in your FSBO process: Setting the list price. You don’t want to leave money on the table, but you want to push the activities on your list.

Before registering a house, agents usually conduct comparative market analysis (CMA). This is a very reflection study of “comps” -The similar house nearby that has been sold recently, is waiting, on the market, or previously registered but released from the market. Some may even be withdrawn from the market without sales.

  1. Photo of your home

The list of photos is very strong, both attracting buyers to display or keep them away.

To provide your list of advantages, consider employing an experienced real estate photographer. While they might charge $ 100 to $ 125 per hour, “put my time to take professional photos from my home commensurate,” Fields said.

But if you go to the DIY route, make sure to:

  • Use a good camera with a wide angle lens.
  • Pay attention to lighting.
  • Include photos of each room.
  • Take a lot of pictures of living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Try photographing different angles.
  1. Create a list of details and interesting

Along with stars, you want to make an informative and interesting list. Utilizing the list description (paragraph or two main features that highlight) and property details to show potential buyers about your home and what makes it desirable.

  1. Mention your home online

Finally it’s time to post your home online. Although you can make a FSBO list for free on popular search sites, you have to struggle to post sites for sites, and your list will not reach most buyers and agents.

To give your home the most exposure, pay to have your home in your local MLS (dual list service) — Platform agents used to share property with each other and the main real estate site. Posting there will feed your list to the buyer’s database and to use the general site used by the buyer.

Share on social media

Fields says that “has a great relationship with people on social media who share a list” is a key factor in the success of his FSBO. So make sure to share your home on social media – and ask your friends to share too.

Hold Open House

Try this strategy for a successful open house event:

  • Share details on Facebook and NextDoor.
  • Update your MLS list with Open House details (if you can be part of paying a fixed fee), or update your FSBO DIY list.
  • Place the open house signs at the nearest intersection.
  • Tidy up the house before the prospective buyer comes.
  • Fainting the info sheet with the address, points -points about home, your contact info, and maybe one photo.
  • If you can, collect visitor info – then follow up later to ask if they have questions.


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