How To Take Care Of A Concrete Dining Table You Have In The Patio Outdoors?


Earlier concrete was ugly, but today it is elegant. This is why you will find many people using concrete tables outdoors. The best part of concrete is that you can coat it with granite or any other coating. The table made up of concrete is more durable.

This means that you can have a concrete dining table that will last for years. You just have to ensure that proper care is taken. Concrete material may need minor repairs on a regular basis. You just have to look around for the best concrete outdoor dining table in the local furniture store.

You can also get one custom designed by a professional. There are hundreds of designs in good quality concrete dining table collections. If you have purchased one, then you must take proper care.

Why is it important to treat concrete?

In general, you may find concrete is highly durable. It can withstand all extreme weather elements. But you need to ensure the top surface is well protected. This is why concrete furniture is treated with a waterproofing sealant material.

If the table is protected, then it will last for many years. Minor repairs are also important. But do not attempt to repair the table on your own.

Always apply sealant

Concrete may tend to soak up moisture and water. This is why the top layer should always be protected. You may have to ensure that sealant is applied to the dining table if it is placed outdoors. The sealant can be applied to the table before the rainy season.

You need to ensure that you use only good-quality sealant material on the concrete. If you buy a good quality concrete table, then it will already have sealant mixed with the concrete. You can hire an expert mason to get this task done as well.

Check for sealant quality consistently

You just purchased a new concrete table. You may not have to use sealant material. But that does not mean that sealant is not needed at all. After a few months, it is important to keep checking the table for water-proofing.

If the table soaks water, then the sealant coating is damaged. You will have to look around for immediate solutions. The table may need a new coating of the sealant material.

Do not place hot objects

Concrete can withstand heat. It will not shatter like glass material. Even if the material is highly durable, it may get affected by heat. If the cooking pot is extremely hot, then do not place it directly on the table.

It is always better to make use of the table mat when placing hot pots on the table. Concrete will absorb heat and the inner layer will get damaged. You may notice the damage in the form of minor cracks. They may not be visible till the cracks have widened up.

Do not leave spills

Spills are common on the dining tables. Concrete can withstand spills only for a specific time. You must treat spills the moment they happen. Do not leave the spills on the table for a longer time.

Concrete needs extra care so it can last for many years. If you invest money in the concrete table, then you should take proper care of it.


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