How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Version?

Learn How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Release 2021 - Featuring Image

Some essential tasks performed by QuickBooks Desktop Software are project management, invoice and billing, and tax calculation. Every year, QuickBooks desktop software emerges with new features after the upgrade. This ensures improvised data security and automates the routine backup.

A New edition of QuickBooks Desktop Software has been launched to ease the complex procedure related to accounting. This year also, QuickBooks has launched its new version with various benefits and features. You must upgrade your system with an updated version of QuickBooks Desktop Software.

This will allow you to avail the new features that are incorporated with the latest version of this software. Let’s go through all the methods of this article that will help you in easy QuickBooks desktop software upgradation. You can pick any way that will resonate with your system to update the software, but before that, please find out why you need QuickBooks Desktop software.

Why do you need to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop software?

If you have utilized this software previously, then you are familiar with how it brings ease to use this accounting software. But when something is wrong with it, it can devastate your entire work. This is important to take extra care in maintaining and upgrading this software.

Moreover, it is convenient that you don’t need to buy the newest version. You can avail this latest version of QuickBooks desktop software at your home sitting and free of cost. Here are five uppermost reasons why this specific arbitration you need to consider.

  • You will get the best features for smooth financial work procedures.
  • An outdated version of the software may not fulfil your requirements and make the system vulnerable.
  • Parity with the operating system.
  • Your business needs soft growth every year.
  • You ought not to fight with this application.

Methods To Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Release Version

Following are the DIY methods to update your QuickBooks desktop to latest release version:

Method 1: Automatic Updates Method

Method 2: Immediate Update Method

Method 3: Download the latest updates from the official Intuit website (manual method)


The discussion is about updating your QuickBooks desktop software and its latest release. We hope we have covered almost everything you should know about the topic.

Still, if you will confront issues, connect with us through the given contact details and check our FAQ section as it may resolve your problems; otherwise, get in touch with us via our QuickBooks desktop helpline number i..e, 1-800-615-2347.


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