Important questions to ask your building inspector


It is an overwhelming experience to invest in real estate property. You could feel that you are drained physically and emotionally. Several aspects need your attention. One of them is a building inspection that needs to be done by a professional. A building inspection will let you know whether your investment is a sound decision or not. It will help you trust the property and go ahead with the deal. 

But before you hire a professional to evaluate the building or the said property, you need to know whether he is competent or not. The best way is to ask him relevant questions and seek their responses. 

A building inspection enterprise is a team of inspectors, and each one of them needs to be proficient and experienced in the said job. You can ask them about specific projects they have carried out and any challenges they have overcome. The more you know about building inspections in Bunbury, the better it is to make a sound decision. 

  • How much time does an inspector take to perform a building inspection? 

Though the answer to this question depends on your requirements, you can ask the inspector about the estimated time. They might ask you for the specifications. Moreover, you can ask whether they have a time slot to answer your doubts after the evaluation is done. This is essential because you will need extra clarification about specific issues, and the inspector should be willing and friendly enough to help you out with those. 

  • Is the inspector certified and licensed? 

All the inspectors in the enterprise need to be certified. If they have memberships and are associated with specific groups, then it is the best thing. The inspectors should also possess valid licenses to carry out the work legally. A genuine building inspection company will surely have all these certifications and licenses and will be willing to furnish you with the information. If a company is not ready to produce the said documents but has mentioned the same on the website, red-flag and report such entities. 

  • How soon can a building inspection be booked? 

No one likes to wait for days and weeks. Everyone is in a hurry to get the building inspected to make an informed decision whether to accept the said deal or walk away from the same. So, lookout for a company that books your inspection and provides immediate confirmation. If they avoid you or make you wait for more than two days, do not go for them. The company should have an organized booking system for clients. 

  • Do you have any additional staff or assistants? 

It is important to know the entire team of the building inspection company if they are deciding to evaluate your premises. At this point in time, you can ask about the experience and training certifications of the assistants or staff involved. Whoever is visiting your premises must be qualified enough and be proficient about the tasks they perform. It doesn’t matter whether they are inspectors or assistants; you simply need to gauge their capabilities beforehand. 

  • What kind of equipment do you use? 

Yes, a building inspection team will approach you well-equipped, provided they are professional and reliable. But you have a right to ask them beforehand about the kind and quality of equipment they use. It will give you a complete idea of how the inspection will be and whether it will be worth spending your money and time. If they are equipped with advanced tools, you are at an advantage. 

The above questions help you gauge a building inspector’s ability and attitude and lets you determine whether they are competent. 


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