Information On Contemporary Triple glazed windows To Improve Your Home’s Overall Appearance

triple glazed windows

Is triple glazing worth it? In this article, we will discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of triple glazing.

If you’re building a brand new house or renovating one, it’s doubtless been in your thoughts the type of windows you’d prefer to include in your home. This is crucial in the event that you wish to build an energy-conscious house since your windows are an essential component to help make your house more energy-efficient.

Do you think is triple glazing worth it? As with everything there are pros and cons to triple-glazing. Triple-glazed windows are the most popular choice for developers because they’re fantastic in keeping the cold out and decreasing the cost of energy; however, they cost 20 per cent more than double-glazing.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages to triple glazing that must be thought about. This includes:

  •         The cost
  •         The efficiency of energy use in windows

How Will They Help You Insulate Your Home?

We will provide more details in this blog post to help you determine which triple-glazing is the best option for you.

Triple Glazing Is What It Sounds Like?

Triple glass is a type of window that has three glass panes instead of just two panes or just one. Between the three panes, they are separated with argon gas, which is an extra layer, making it harder for heat to escape, and reducing the amount of noise pollution. Triple glazing allows you to keep the temperature of your home through the creation of an airtight seal that prevents drafts and keeps heat in your home.

Triple Glazing Is Enhanced Than Double Glazing?

It’s all about the type of glass you want. Triple glazing cost can be 40% more thermal efficiency than double-glazing due to the third layer of glass which reduces noise and increases efficiency.

Triple glazing also increases the U-Value of a home. The typical U-Value will have:

Windows With Single Glazing Have An U Value Of Approximately 5.0W/M2k

Double-glazed windows typically scored above 3 and are now scored at 1.4. Because of these advancements in the manufacturing process Building Regulations now insist that windows that you are installing in the present should have U values less than 1.6

The Standard is for triple-glazed windows that have a U value that is not more than 0.8 However, there are companies that claim to have only 0.5 Lower the value of U is, the higher the score!

How Do You Define U-Value?

Thermal transmittance also referred to as U-Value, refers to the amount of heat across the structure of development. Then, it is divided according to the variance in temperature between the two structures. The better insulated a structure will be and the less insulated it is, the lower its U-Value will be.

The U-Value of your home is an indicator of how the materials are contributing to your progress. It’s a broad term that is, however, in simpler terms, it examines the thermal and heat loss within your house. By examining layers by layers it examines the thickness, materials and conductivity in the various aspects of a home. This means that you’ll get an A grade, which indicates the efficiency of heat containment in your construction.

What Else Can You Do To Decrease The U-Value?

To decrease your U-Value there are some changes you can make your work more efficient:

Make sure that all glass units are equipped with double-glazed units as the minimum requirement.

Get a low e-coated coating and an argon gas filling. The coating with low e-content can transfer radiant heat that is escaping from the inside back into the air from the outside. While argon gas adds more weight to the atmosphere, thus reducing the rate of convection as well as heat loss.

Taking into consideration the specifications of coatings and glass those that have the highest specification will be more impactful.

What Are The Advantages Of Triple-Glazing?

Many homeowners are opting to go with the triple glazing method to their homes. There are many advantages to incorporating triple glazing windows in your home:

  •         Better noise reduction
  •         You’ll be able to enjoy a warmer home due to the increased thermal insulation
  •         Reducing carbon footprint by using windows that are energy-efficient in your home.
  •         It’s obvious that the addition of three-dimensional glazing in your home can add significant worth to your property no matter if you reside in it or whenever you decide to sell it.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Triple-Glazing?

Of course, there are some disadvantages of triple glazing windows that you should consider:

  •         You’ll have to pay up to 30-40% more when compared to double glazing, which means it is a costly investment.
  •         They won’t assist you to lower your costs of energy compared to double-glazed windows.

Triple-glazed windows are likely to be heavier. They could put stress on the window frames, which means they may become sagging and not open properly. However, proper maintenance can help maintain their look for many years.

What Is The Value Of Triple Glazing?

As you would expect, the typical triple glazed windows price will be contingent on a variety of variables like the size of the windows and the size of the property.

For instance, a terraced two-bedroom home with five windows would cost around PS2,500 to get triple-glazed windows put in the entire house. If you have a more spacious home with 12 windows, it will cost around PS6500 to complete the installation.

Can Triple Glazing Aid In Noise Reduction?

If you reside in an area with a lot of noise the noise reduction of triple glazing is an enormous benefit. Comparatively to standard double-glazed, it can cut down on noise due to the added barrier that blocks the sound. Because of the number of layers that sound must travel through, the glass can weaken the force that the noise wage so once it is through it’s quieter and is less apparent.

Is Triple Glazing Actually Better Than Double Glazing?

We’ll outline the many variations between double glazing and triple glazing in order to provide you with an understanding of which one is best for you.

Noise Reduction

Certain households are affected by the noise outside more than others. We’re talking about people who live close to a busy road or railway line, or an airport.

The tests have shown that the extra layer of glass that is included in a triple glazed windows noise reduction can help reduce noise pollution. It also offers greater acoustic insulation advantages than single or double glazing, but only when the triple-glazed unit is 44mm in depth.


A lower U-value suggests that a window is efficient in retaining heat, while high U-values indicate the opposite. Best double glazed windows, with the proper design of glass, have surprising low U-values. They are significantly less than the top triple-glazed windows currently available.


Security at home is a major issue for homeowners. The introduction of a third pane of glass inside triple-glazed windows makes it more difficult to crack than a double-glazed window, particularly when toughened glass is utilised to make the central pane.

It is important to remember that both triple and double windows with glazing are internally bead which means that the glass cannot remove except the interior of the home.


The question of whether triple glazing will take over double glazing in the same manner. That double glazing overtook single is unlikely however there are advantages in making the transition from triple to double. In certain ways, it’s superior to double-glazed; In other ways, it is difficult to differentiate the two.


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