Inviting Shades for a Welcoming Guest Room!


Nothing depicts your idea of hospitality like a guest room does. It’s the best way to make your guests feel at home and welcome. While you give your heart and soul to design the entire guest room perfectly, don’t forget that its walls are the canvas and the backdrop for the beautification project. You should choose the shades for this room very carefully. Now, you may have a distinct taste or style in home décor, but that may not match with your guest. Your home can speak of your persona and character. But it is best to keep your guest room neutral to suit myriad tastes – so that anyone occupying the room feels cosy and comfortable.  

The best shades to adorn the walls of your guest rooms!

Yes, we are talking about choosing the best colour to adorn your guest room. But along with that, you should also give a lot of emphasis on selecting the best painters for the job. You have to hire only the best house painters in Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters so that whichever shade you choose for this room, their perfect painting job with the right skills and knowledge makes the result super impressive. For the most suitable shades for a guest room, keep reading.

  • Cool grey

Grey is very refreshing and full of tranquillity that will uplift the décor of your guest room beautifully. Not only will it look charming if there’s good sunlight in the room, but when paired with wooden furniture, shimmer curtains, glass windows, and soft white furnishings, grey will create magic in this room.

  • Peaceful white

If you are designing a very minimalist guest room, then white is most suitable for this space. Especially, if you have a very compact space, white on the walls makes the room appear bigger and neater. You can pair it with metallic frames and furniture or even wooden tones and add a dash of colour here and there with the soft furnishings for a room that is universally appealing.

  • Green magic

Green is certainly a nice pick for any room. Even in a guestroom, it provides a nice soothing ambience and aura. Even though this shade itself is very refreshing, still you can add some indoor plants in the room to enhance its beauty. You can have your furniture in wood or wicker and bring in with white or beige (how about jute?) curtains and cushions to spruce up the room.

  • Soft peach

A soft shade of peach is one of the most alluring shades to select for your guest-room walls. If you add dim lights, you’ll get a perfect moody ambience in your guest room during the night. And if your guest has had enough of it, then you can simply open the curtains and let the sunlight kiss this shade to make it bask in the light and glow. Complement this shade with lovely floral furnishings in pastels and pale brown or even white furniture for a magnificent effect.

  • Bland blue

Powder blue has been linked with soothing stimulation. Any kind of lighting looks impressively well with this shade and some furnishings of a slightly darker tint of blue (say, denim or navy!) would make a wonderful monochrome theme! To break the monotony, paint the trims and furniture white, maybe add a cushion or two in white too. Play with motifs and textures. Let natural night pour in. Your guest would remember days beneath the blue sky in the company of cotton candy – what could be happier?

These are some of the most alluring colour shades to choose from for your guest room. You can opt for some more chartbusters like light pink shade (that’s simply so lovely!), the combination of beige and brown (never goes wrong), sunny yellow (carrying your own sunshine), etc. At the end of the day, it should complement the other rooms of your house yet carve a niche for itself.


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