Is a Short-term Business Loan a Good Idea? 

Short-term Business Loan

Is a Short-term Business Loan a Good Idea? 

There are many reasons your small business may need emergency capital. Maybe you’ve identified an opportunity—perhaps you want to tap into a new market, lease a facility, or launch a new product. You could also be experiencing payment delays or facing a tax deadline, or worse, an expensive machine just broke down

Christmas is a time for celebration, but it’s also an important business opportunity. Make sure you’re prepared with your finances – especially the two key concerns during holidays in all businesses visit Progressive Business Capital at today to learn how they can help you get started saving you time and getting some much needed financial relief.

Whatever your situation, you are dealing with a sudden cash-flow problem and require instant funding to close your cash flow gaps. Experts from Progressive Business Capital have discussed various issues you need to know before taking a short-term business loan, outlining the associated benefits and demerits. Follow through!

Short-term Business Loans – What Are They? 

This is a form of capital financing for businesses designed to be repaid faster than other regular business loans. Many business owners turn to short-term financing options when facing unexpected financial challenges that need an immediate capital injection. This is particularly helpful in the initial stages of business growth. 

What Are the Advantages of Short-term Business Loans? 

  • Speed – The first essential advantage of short-term financing options is that they are quick to access. Most direct lenders like Small Business Loans & Merchant Cash Advances | has a short application process, allowing you to get fast funding to manage your business operations efficiently. 
  • Convenience – Short-term loans are easy and quick to apply for, qualify, and get funded than regular business loans. Moreover, most short-term loans require less paperwork, which means less hassle, faster processing, and immediate funding if your request is accepted. 
  • Credit check – In some cases, we may review your personal credit if we feel that it will help us to find you a better deal. Unlike most banks, however, we do not require you to have an outstanding credit score to qualify for funding. We can find funding for any business that meets our minimum requirements. 
  • Flexibility – These loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including opening new locations, buying new products, expanding service offerings, purchasing equipment, renovating offices, and much more. 

What Are the Challenges of Short-term Business Loans? 

  • High interest rates – Although they are easier and quicker to access, short-term loans have relatively higher interest rates. However, borrowers may pay less interest for the same loan amount in a short-term option compared to standard loans with more extended repayment periods (mostly 15 to 30 years). 
  • Limited payback period – Just as the name implies, short-term loans have shorter repayment periods, usually up to 24 months. 

Need a Short-term Loan to Boost Your Small Business? They Can Help 

Short-term loans can be an excellent way to close your business’s cash flow gaps if you’re facing financial difficulties. At Progressive Business Capital, they have multiple short-term business funding options to take your business growth a notch higher.

Need help closing the gap? You may be eligible for a short term loan. At Progressive Business Capital, they have multiple options that will get your business growing again! Please contact them online or give them a call at (800) 508-4532 to get the help you need. You can also email us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help build your business. 

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