Is Your New Home Totally Safe?


Designed, decorated, and all done! Soon you will be enjoying a bottle of champagne with your loved one in your house. Before that, answer this — is your house secure? Have you seen each and every factor about this haven that you have designed and made it totally a secure sanctuary? If not, then you obviously don’t need a celebration right now.

The important safety criterion to check in a new house!

We have seen homeowners go to extreme lengths in designing their houses. You don’t even consider the budget in this matter. But when it comes to making the area safer and secure, you obviously lack proper attention. Why is it so? Isn’t your and your family’s safety utmost importance? If you think that we have hit a cord, then do read below and check if these areas are totally secure in your house:

  • Installing firm and strong doors and windows 

Sometimes you get so carried away in decorating your house as per a certain theme that you forget that security is important too.  For example – wall to wall windows or even French windows or stained-glass windows and doors look beautiful, but if you live in an area that is not so secure, then you should refrain from following such décor trends. Do you think your glass windows and glass doors can keep your house safe? Well, the first criterion of a secure house is — strong and firm doors, windows, and gates.

  • A high-quality security system

Installing an upgraded security system is the need of the hour.  You never know when there would be a sudden attack or burglary in your area and you might be the next target. And if you are really installing a top-notch security system, you get to monitor your home 24/7 even from a distance. The home security cameras from All Round Security are the best part of the security system because through these you can keep an eye on the property all the time. They tend to have the latest model of these cameras and even other accessories related to security systems that ensure the complete safety of your home.

  • Childproof house 

You just can’t call your house entirely safe if a child is insecure in the house. Especially if you have small kids and pets, you need to have fences around the property. You also should install a grill on the windows so that there are no chances of an accident. Of course, keeping the electrical boards at a certain height and avoiding sharp corners in your home is important to ensure that your home is safe for everyone.

  • Automated lock system 

Another important criterion of safety of your house is keeping high-quality locks. And today you will find lots of automated locks available in the market that ensure maximum safety.

If you are following all these steps, your home will be totally safe and secure. Apart from it, remember to install high-quality doors in your garage as well. Keep a watchdog for added safety and ensure that you are having lights in your yard for proper visibility.


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