Issues That Home Inspectors May Want To Inspect From Exteriors


Inspecting the exteriors of the home is as important as the interiors. The home inspection team may never miss out on the exteriors of the home. Inspection is never complete unless the exterior is inspected. There are several issues that the team may want to verify when inspecting the exteriors of the home.

You can hire the best home inspection in Edmonton AB team. A professional home inspection team will pay equal attention when inspecting the interiors and exteriors.

There are many issues that the team may want to inspect on the exteriors. These issues are listed below in the content.

The roof

Inspecting the roof from the exteriors is important. To perform this task, it is not necessary that the inspector may want to access the roof. A good inspection team can simply look at the condition of the roof and list all possible damages.

The home inspection team will focus on mild dew and mold issues. They will also pay attention to the debris accumulated on the roof. The condition of the shingles will also be inspected by the team. If there are missing shingles then they will be mentioned in the home inspection report.

All damages that can be repaired will be mentioned in the report submitted by the team. Based on the condition of the shingles the team will determine the exact life of the roof.

Doors and windows

Windows and doors have the potential for developing leakages in the future. If the frames are already damaged then repairs are important. The home inspection team may want to inspect the condition of the doors and windows from the outside.

The moment they inspect, it becomes easy to determine if any signs of damage and leakages are visible from the outside. They will also have a close look at the rotting wood. The team may want to inspect all potential entry and exit points in the property. They will mention the condition of these points in the home inspection report.

House foundation

Any home inspection may never be complete if the foundation of the home has not been inspected. The team will always look around for any potential signs of cracks and damages in the foundation. The team will also inspect the condition of the walls that are leaning on the foundation.

The basement area will also be a part of the inspected area. The elevation of the foundation will also be inspected. If the ground below is not having an even slope then it will be mentioned in the home inspection report. The grading of the home will also be inspected by the team.

When inspecting the condition of the foundation, the team will use advanced tools and gadgets. A home that has poor grading may need immediate repairs. Structural damages can get severe with time and may need repairs. Renovation is the only solution in most cases.

Downspouts and gutters

The exterior home inspection will also include inspecting the downspouts and gutters. This does not mean that the entire gutter area will be inspected by the team. They may not be able to inspect every inch, but the condition visible to the human eyes will be inspected.

Common signs of blockage will always be revealed during the home inspection. The team may always recommend cleaning the gutter on regular basis. if there are issues then repairs will always be recommended.

It is important to hire a good home inspection team when you buy any property. The team ensures that all assistance is provided to you to make the purchase more effective. All major issues will be highlighted by the team.

You may want to hire a home inspection team because you are never aware of the issues and damages in and around the property.


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