Items You Can Donate to Help Members in Your Community


Are you looking to donate to your local non-profit thrift store? There are numerous items that are in high demand within any given community. But what should you be donating? Which items are always needed? Is there anything a thrift store will turn away? Read on to find out.


Members of the community often go to thrift stores for good used clothing. From shirts and pants to sleepwear and athletic wear, just about everything is needed. Of course, it should be washed and not have any rips or stains on it. Adult and kids’ clothing are almost always in high demand.


Books are always in demand, especially good children’s books. While not all charities will accept books, many do. This is an inexpensive way for people needing a good escape from reality or a new, educational book for their kids to get a great book. Any book you donate should be in good enough condition without any pages missing or ripped. You also should not donate any that have been exposed to mold or bed bugs since that can be dangerous for other people.


Finding quality furniture is hard to do when you are shopping on a strict budget. Those shopping for furniture at a thrift store are looking for something that is in good enough shape or that they can revamp on their own. Some charities will not accept any furniture, some will only accept non-upholstered furniture, and others will accept just about any type of furniture. It is always best to check with your selected charity before taking any furniture to them to donate. Also, bear in mind that most have limited storage and floor space, so they might not be able to accept a huge sectional or California King size bed frame and mattress.


If you’re looking to make a car donation for a veteran charity, you should know a few things. The IRS has strict rules for vehicle donations that you should be aware of. It is possible to claim your vehicle donation as a tax write-off, given that it meets all of the IRS’s criteria. The charity has to make necessary repairs to the vehicle and sell it to someone who is demonstrably in need of reliable transportation.

Just remember, you should get a receipt from the charity for anything you donate, especially if it is something bigger like a vehicle or furniture. You can use this as a tax write-off when you go to do your taxes for the tax year. Your generosity can, therefore, be returned to you in a way.


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