Know The Current New Trends In The World Of Home Inspections


    Most of the time, the home inspection industry stays the same with very minor improvements in technology and other aspects. Home inspectors tend to first learn about the new trends and then decide whether the same should be integrated into his or her inspection repertoire. With the standards of home inspection increasing day by day, home inspectors are always on the lookout for better technology and assets to make their process of home inspection easier & effortless. 

    Therefore, to provide you with a glimpse of what the current new trends hold for the home inspection market, we have formulated this extensive guide that you should read in its entirety. Each trend will have its significance and therefore it’s largely dependent on the home inspectors on whether the same will be integrated into their home inspection procedures.

    Top Trends On-Going In The World Of Home Inspections

    • Better Code Of Ethics

    According to professional services for a home inspection in Orlando FL, ethics have always been a part of the home inspection industry. Almost all home inspection associations around the world implement a strong ethics code that all members must follow and abide by. And with the new trend, there has been an increased or renewed focus on maintaining proper ethics during the inspection process. And the good news is that – home inspectors are taking the same very seriously nowadays. 

    • Enhanced Attention Towards CO2 And Smoke Detectors

    Most new houses these days come with smoke detectors and CO2 detectors installed, so that home inspectors don’t have to worry much about it. However, the same cannot be said for the older houses, where smoke or CO2 detectors are difficult to find. Over the years, such detectors were overlooked and were not used as extensively as they should have, to improve the quality of living. 

    It can be even possible that some older homes may have non-working smoke detectors or have none at all. Smoke detectors are highly responsible for preventing house fires and if the same is installed inside homes, then the overall severity can be curtailed. With the help of a proper home inspection, the home inspector can report the working condition of smoke & CO2 detectors and even recommended adding or replace any units that are not working as intended. 

    • Better Mould Inspections

    Mould and mildews are some of the common infestations that home inspectors face on a daily basis. Mould infestation takes place due to the presence of moisture. Moisture inside a house is formed due to water leakage or seepage through the roof, basement flooding, poor plumbing system and so on. Mould can have a severe respiratory impact on human beings, especially with people who have allergies and asthma. Inhaling of mould particles can lead to increased coughing, sneezing, difficulty in breathing and the likes. So, it’s extremely essential that mould infestations shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

    That’s why home inspectors these days are stressing more on proper mould inspections so that the health & safety of the home dwellers can be properly maintained. 

    • Better Software

    The earlier instances of the home inspection software were lacklustre and the inspection report printing process took a considerable amount of time. Moreover, there were not many ‘quality of life’ features included in the same. However, the good news is that – home inspection software of today is much better, faster and feature-rich than ever before. 

    The software can now be utilised on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops for better flexibility. As a result, additional options give the home inspector a proper way to communicate with the customer. 

    Thus, it’s a real eye-opener to see how home inspection has grown over the last couple of years. And with better and more improved technology, home inspectors can further strive for perfection. 


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