Lovely Floors Make a Lovely Home – Read How


Designing a new home? We are sure the floor took a backseat! As usual! But remember, these floors can be a protagonist in your home decor too. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is to design it creatively, cheerfully, and beautifully. Want some ideas? We have loads for you!

Some lovely floor ideas for an enchanting home

When thinking of floor decorating options, remember that the base you choose has the central power. If your floor is not well maintained or of good quality, how do you expect it to take your home décor to the next level? That is why it’s important that you consider installing only the best quality floor tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports. They have got really exclusive variants of tiles all in attractive patterns, styles, and excellent quality that certainly make the best floor for your home. Now read about the nice floor decoration ideas that you should definitely try in your home:

  • Food-themed tiles — When it’s your kitchen and you want to add magic to your kitchen floor, then simply opt for food-themed tiles in this area. These can be tiles that create a circle of fruits in the centre of the floor (like an area rug) or a border of tiles depicting food items, if it’s arranged properly and picked in nice colours, your kitchen looks lovely.
  • Patterns like seamless designs — You never have to invest in designer carpets and rugs if you are picking some decorative and designer tiles. These can be nicely coloured, designed in herringbone or chequered patterns. If you arrange these nicely in your home, you can keep admiring the attractive pattern all the time. Psst: Such seamless tiling makes your space appear larger!
  • Opt for epoxy for an exclusive feel — Epoxy over concrete can become the magical effect you desire in your home. Especially in your bathroom floor, if you consider sea blue epoxy coating on the floor, you’ll get an oceanic vibe in your bathroom and that too with the least possible expenditure.
  • Creative and welcoming entryways — If you have a hardwood floor in your house, then you can make it look entirely welcoming and charming. Especially for the entryway, we have a great idea. Go for floor stickers and apply them to your entryways. You can opt for some welcoming or positive quotes to impress your guests and make an inviting impact.
  • The creative painting effect — Concrete floors can be easily painted. Now if you have concrete in your home, you can opt for painting these cheerfully. Whether it is designing a nice cartoon figure on your floor or simply colouring this surface in rainbow shades, there are a plethora of options to consider adding magic to your home.
  • Area rugs — Your home needs to be totally cosy and lovely. Bring in warm, furry, cheerful area rugs. These can be placed at the entrance or near the bed, under the dining table or anchoring the sofa set — just ensure these don’t contrast the flooring colour and design dramatically.

These ideas make your floors appear alluring and pleasing. So, you can try these in your home and we are sure you would be impressed with the results.


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