Maintenance Tips to Increase the Life of House Wires


When a cable or wire fails or faces any interruptions, the whole system gets collapsed or halt, resulting in massive loss.

To solve these problems, wires and cables should be well maintained or taken care of.

Now let’s see how we can increase the lifetime of wires and cables, initially before installing wires or cables. House wires India ensures the durability of wires and cables are worthy. It is thousands of times better to know about the preventive measures before any failures,

  • Make sure that there are no scratches or breakage on the cables that will disturb their durability.
  • Bending cables beyond the specified bend radius will lead to disruption.
  • Make sure there is no tension created during installation.
  • Don’t twist or kink the cables.
  • Ensure that wires and cables do not contact any materials like water or liquid, which may damage.

Select the suitable cable and wire

Select the cable that suits best for your industrial usage. Search about various types of cables and wires and gain knowledge about them. House wires India gives assurance that they Manufacture the best quality products.

Select the size of cable that suits perfectly for your industrial usage. The things you must keep in mind while buying a cable or a wire,

  • Ambient temperature
  • Voltage drop
  • Safety regulations
  • Mechanical strength
  • Carrying capacity etc.

Give training to the workers and educate them so they can find any failures in the device.

Avoiding damage

To avoid any damages, you must keep an eye on the installation of cables. Never twist or kink cable wires while installing. The wires to be installed must be straight as a line always.

  • Avoid run-overs and tension.
  • Check the minimum bend radius of the cable to avoid any damage.
  • Avoid any damage that will lead to failure of the wire jacket like puncture, crushing, etc.
  • Never keep the wires and cables near the fire.

Make cable reel adjustments.

  • The harsh environment can lead to prolonged exposure of cables, so reverse the cable ends to avoid exposure.
  • Back spooling is prevented by tieing the cable.
  • Mark the overload current value
  • Maintain proper tension
  • Report if you find any voltage drop. If you don’t report the voltage drop, it may lead to premature failure of the machine because of overheating.
  • Make repairs on Time.
  • Regularly check the wires and cables to prevent any massive loss in the future.
  • When it is required to repair cables and wires, repair them immediately.
  • Remove the damaged wires because it can lead to complete system failure.

Always maintain the records.

Don’t miss the records of wires and cables installed in your factory setup because when you maintain records, it gives a clear picture about the duration of their working.

  • When you maintain the records, you can even refer to them when it is needed.
  • To repair, remove the cables and wires.
  • You need to analyze the performance of cables and wires regularly.
  • The damaged electrical wiring in your houses may lead to disruption and can cause massive loss to yourself and the people around you. To avoid these types of situations, you need professionals to repair these damaged or faulty wirings.
  • It would be best if you changed these damaged wirings as soon as possible to avoid any loss. So, you must put effort into maintaining your house’s wiring that can be durable and maintain peace of mind.

Routine check-up

As you regularly check up on your health, the same way you need to maintain and check for any damages in the electrical system. Regular checking of your electrical devices or appliances is simple; you will not require any professional for this; the point is that you need to have basic knowledge of the electrical system.

You can check your system once in a half year or twice a year to prevent system malfunctions. When you know the issue at the beginning, it will be easy for you to resolve it.

Mixing of electricity and water should be prevented

Even a child must know that you should not touch any electrical appliances with wet hands, but still, there can be chances of electrical shocks at home. This shock can be due to the wiping or washing of appliances near the electrical system. You need to remove the plug from the socket to avoid shock.

Another way to prevent any malfunctions is to keep away the electrical appliances like shavers, straighteners, and dryers from the washbasins in the bathroom or the bathtubs. When you feel any little shock or a hit while touching electrical gadgets, now it’s the Right Time for you to call a professional.

Prevent overloading

Overloading is one of the major issues that everyone faces. You should be careful and alert while using electrical gadgets. You must know how much power your electrical appliances use and how many appliances you can use at once.

Because if you use all the appliances whose power is consumed enormously, it will undoubtedly lead to overload. Every appliance you use must have different outlets of its own not to consume a lot of power.

Restore the damaged wirings

You must regularly check outlets to prevent damage. If you find that the outlet’s cover is hot or warm, you must identify that it can lead to malfunctions. So, immediately you have to call experts or professionals for help.

And if you find any faulty or damaged wires and cables then be fast to inform the experts, and you must replace it immediately. Never use plastic tapes or feviquick to save your money which may further lead to massive loss.


Thus, in this article, we have listed all the precautionary measures to avoid any mishaps. House wires India suggests following all these measures and regularly check to avoid loss. It would be best if you always were alert on such occasions to maintain the safety of your house.


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