Major reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection at any cost


When it comes to purchasing a home or a commercial property, you need to get a home inspection done immediately. It should not cost much and you should be able to get one done right away. More importantly, make sure that the home inspection is part and parcel of any contract you may sign up with the realtor. A home inspection is a must, under current circumstances. Granted that a home inspection would cost but if you are looking for reasons as to why you need to get one done, read on to know more.

  • Safety: This reason should rank right at the top when it comes to getting a home inspection done. A home inspection in Littleton should not cost much – but getting one can help highlight several issues. It can help determine if the property in question has been contaminated by Radon, Carbon monoxide, Methamphetamine, etc. This can help you detect several health hazards, and enable you to take preventive measures, as required. You can even list out these health hazards as part of the contract you sign with the realtor, where you clearly state the signed contract is null and void if such hazards are located on-site.
  • Help identify the illegal structures, add-ons: A detailed home inspection should enable you to identify illegal structures if any. It should help you to zero in on illegal buildings, constructions that the owner might have carried out without any permit. Moreover, it can point out structures that were built in violation of the building code. Additionally, you may want to know that purchasing any building with illegal construction can incur a hefty fine, apart from which these issues will become your problem once you purchase the home. And that’s all the more reason that you would want to carry out a detailed home inspection.
  • Purchasing old buildings: If you are planning to purchase a foreclosed property or an old one, then it is all the more essential that you go in for a complete home inspection. One of the main reasons is that old properties tend to be boarded up, and accumulate dust, mold, etc. It can be hazardous to your health to remain on-site for long. But you can always remove it, but the process is both tedious as well as downright expensive.
  • Bring the price down: One of the neat reasons as to why you may want to go in for a home inspection is that you can always use the report to whittle the asking price further down. You can use the report as a negotiating tool, ask the seller for repairs as well as talk about the price, further down. You can even talk with your realtor, and see if there’s any leeway around the price, and negotiate to get a better deal.
  • Working out future costs: A thorough home inspection should enable you to forecast future costs, and highlight several issues that need to be tackled right away. It will allow you to predict with a certain degree of accuracy as to what expenses you’re bound to run across shortly. It can also give you a rough age of major systems in use, such as plumbing, heating, and cooling. It can even help flag issues that need to be handled right away. 

A home inspection can help you gauge your home better. It can enable you to get the true picture of your home, from the paint finishes, to enable you to understand if you require home insurance. These are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection.


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