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When a mobile phone is lost or destroyed, the data on the device may be lost or stolen, resulting in a variety of issues, including financial loss. People nowadays spend a lot of money on mobile phones, and any problem with them might put a dent in their wallets. In India, firms are increasingly offering extended warranties(for example, an extended warranty for iPhone) or Mobile Insurance to address these challenges. These plans protect all sorts of phones, including smartphones, versus theft or accidental damage.

Is it necessary to purchase mobile insurance? 

Mobile Insurance policy covers all repair and replacement costs. It also protects against theft or damage. Additionally, having Mobile Insurance protects you from the trouble of having to rush for repairs. 

Coverage offered by mobile insurance:

Mobile Insurance policy covers various types of phone damage. Take a peek at the following coverage. 

  • In the event that your smartphone is stolen or robbed,
  • Within 48 hours after reporting the occurrence, the phone will be replaced or repaired.
  • Accidental harm prevention
  • Mobile phone coverage against water damage
  • Mobile phone repair service at your doorstep
  • The process for coverage is cashless.
  • Some firms additionally cover technical issues like ear jacks, charging ports, and touch displays.
  • Some insurance firms give a No Claim Reward to policyholders who have had no claims during the preceding policy period.

Required Documents for a Mobile Insurance:

To begin the claim procedure for the covered mobile phone, the client must submit the relevant paperwork to the insurance company.

An original phone invoice, as well as the phone’s serial number and insurance policy number, may be included in some of these papers. If your phone goes lost, you must first register an FIR and attach a copy of it with your claim. 

Limitations of mobile insurance:

Certain concerns are excluded from Mobile Insurance coverage. These are classified as exclusions. These exclusions frequently differ across insurance companies. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

  • Mysterious phone loss that the policyholder cannot explain persuasively under the terms of the insurance policy
  • Any malevolent purpose or willful effort to harm the phone that results in its loss or damage is also excluded.
  • Any harm to the phone caused by changes in weather conditions
  • If the mobile phone is overworked or subjected to unusual conditions, it may be damaged.
  • Any faults or problems that existed previous to the policy’s start date

Privileges of a Mobile Insurance:

The following are some of the advantages of Mobile Insurance provided by national and commercial insurance organizations in India: 

  • It protects mobile phone users from high repair expenses in the event of a disaster, such as a drop or collision.
  • If a liquid such as water, tea or coffee, or fizzy drinks spills on the phone, one may rest.
  • Policyholders can make use of a variety of excellent client services.
  • Time and energy are saved with a hassle-free and cashless claim.
  • Touchscreens, charging ports, faulty headphone jacks, and any harm to the device’s internal and exterior components are all covered.
  • Several rider choices or additional advantages, such as transit insurance or international coverage, enable the expansion of the insurance’s coverage.


Mobile Insurance policy covers all repair and replacement costs(extended warranty for iPhone). It also protects against theft or damage. Additionally, having Mobile Insurance protects you from the trouble of having to rush for repairs.


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