Modify Your Shutters Accordingly By Using Different Materials and Colours

shutter fitting london

There is no doubt that shutters are the new and improved way to cover any windows in your house, flat or office space. They are easy to use and ensure an elegant and sophisticated look and feel to any window. These shutters allow privacy and give individuals the choice of how much light they want in the room. Shutters are easy to clean and can be used by anyone.

This is an amazing product and is suited for any location. Shutters fittings London can now be modified and painted to fit any house or flat style, colour and feel. Individuals can use different types of colours and materials to create the elegant and stylish house they have dreamt of.

Materials to choose from that not only fit any budget but any style

Antigua shutters

This is an MDF-made, entry-level product shutter, that is suited for dry and well-ventilated rooms. These shutters can be used in high-traffic areas to ensure privacy and security from outsiders. They are available in 5 Louvre sizes: 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm and can be modified to fit any style. They are not suitable for large or custom-made windows.

The Fiji shutters

These shutters and shutter fittings London are crafted from sustainable, premium, high-quality hardwoods. These shutters can be customised to fit your style. Fiji shutters are perfect for special shaped windows and living rooms. They are available in 5 louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm and are lighter than the Antiqua shutters.

The Portchester shutters

These shutter fittings London are made to ensure extra security at any home or at the office window. These elegant shutters are crafted in South Africa, with the addition of a lock. This will leave any home looking stylish, yet safe. It comes with a silent tilt, which means that there is no visible tilt that can be spotted from the outside and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Samoa shutters

These distinctly robust and elegant shutters are the latest top-of-the-range shutters with some dynamic and flexible options. These shutters have thick and robust frames to ensure a hidden hinge, with a bold and yet an elegant and smooth finish. The wood used for Samoan shutters is ethically sourced from a plantation in the Solomon Islands.

The shutter fittings London can be used at any open window, with special shapes or the standard size. They can be modified with a hidden or visible hinge and come in five different louvre sizes. Great for any location in your home.

These are just some of the most used shutter fittings in London. There are many more to choose from. This allows anyone to adjust and modify their shutters to exactly fit in with the rest of their home.

Adjusting the colours and the finish of the shutters.

Deciding on what shape and material to use for your shutters is only the start of the process. Customers can now adjust and choose different types of paint and colours to create that sophisticated look that they have been chasing after.

Almost any colour you can think of, can be used on your shutters. Even Farrow & Ball shutter colours are now available. The new range of pastel colours will leave any home looking like a beautiful dream home. There are multiple Farrow & Ball shutter colours to choose from, such as blue grey, clunch, hall grey, hall white and many more. This allows the customer to have full control over the appearance of their own shutters.

Deciding on fixing shutters might be one of the best decisions you make, an addition that anyone can make to their home or office windows. By using customers can customise their shutters to fit any window shape. You can now modify the material and colours of the shutters. Choose from Farrow and Ball shutter colours to just plain and basic colours. All the options are there to create your perfect home.


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