Most Natural Ways to Explode Your Instagram Follower Count

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Do you really want to know why this post is being made? Being specialists in search engine optimization, we always base the topics of our blog posts on extensive keyword analysis. Do you want to discover the most popular Instagram-related searches? Over 27,000 people look for “how to acquire more followers on Instagram” every month. To which we respond, “What?”

We all know that the number of our followers is really a vanity statistic and that we don’t actually care about increasing it. Ultimately, success in business and credibility are our goals. Right? This is slang for people who follow you on Instagram. To put it another way, the greater your score, the “better” you are. No, sorry, buddy, but you can’t say that. We’ve been successful and kept busy even before we hit a thousand followers on Instagram. It’s the same for our customers, too!

As such, let’s put a lighthearted twist on this piece and discuss the best, most natural ways to increase your Instagram following. Our life’s work is dedicated to spreading the message that a large advertising budget is not necessary to generate sales, customers, and growth for a small business or startup. You don’t need anything fancy, simply an organic plan and an unambiguous brand goal. Let’s delve in, then.


What Should You Do To Increase IG Followers?


Gaining a large number of followers doesn’t mean anything except as a vanity statistic. What good are thousands of followers if they don’t turn into converts? In fact, Instagram may penalize you if your ratio of engagement to followers is off, meaning you have a lot of followers but few interactions. Their system will now rank you lower and cannot contact you.

We want to change your focus from how to increase your Instagram followers to how to increase your engagement. If you focus on organically servicing your current audience and buy automatic Instagram story views that make people want to give a thumbs up, you will notice growth.


Get More Involved


Interactional elements include user-generated content such as posts, shares, likes, and bookmarks. High engagement rates are desirable for all posts since they show the algorithm that readers like the content. An interaction, or “engagement,” might be anything from a comment to a video play or reach to a swipe through a carousel. Commenting and rewatching videos are examples of more valuable interactions than just double-tapping a post to show approval.

Telling your followers what you want them to do is the key to improving interaction on Instagram. As easy as that! Instagram users have developed a habit of mindlessly scrolling through their feeds, so if you don’t immediately snag their attention and tell them what to do, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential interactions. What You Need to Know: Every Post Should Have a Call to Action.


Deliver Infographic Value


The use of many media types is essential for producing high-quality content on Instagram. Just a few of the features Instagram has to offer are:

  • Fixed Positions
  • Reels
  • Videos 
  • Carousels
  • Stories


Tips & Tricks For Instagram


Spreading your material in different directions will help you get more Instagram followers naturally. Shake it up, chums! People grow tired quickly. Therefore it’s important to keep them on their toes by constantly surprising them with new types of media.


1. Take Care Of Your Present Customers


The information you provide must be relevant to your readers. In what ways do they feel they are being challenged? What sort of info are they trying to find? How can you suggest a remedy for their condition? These should be addressed and the value provided by your material! Demonstrate your expertise, and others will start looking to you for guidance because, well, that’s what you are: an expert!

We recommend doing an audience survey if you are unsure about your audience’s needs. We just finished a podcast episode discussing how important this data is for developing new content and expanding our current selection of products and services.


2. Interacting With Disobservers


Foreshadowing alert: it’s time to start making Reels.

Reaching new audiences is a crucial part of organic growth, and Reels is the most effective tool for doing it. Check your Instagram analytics in a sec. To see how many people saw your material and how many people didn’t, go to “accounts reached” and look at the numbers.


Instagram Followers: The Organic Way To Increase 


All this should help you see that the number of followers is not the essential indicator of success on the platform. We realize, though, that you probably still care about seeing this figure increase. So, keeping that in mind, here are some things to prioritize.


1. Know Your Target Market Inside And Out


Ideally, you would have a deeper understanding of your target audience than they would of yourself. The ups and downs, the hardships, and the hopes. You need to anticipate their interests and needs so you can provide them with exactly what they want to read. If it seems like wizardry is required, that’s because it is. Then don that silly headgear and go to it.

The point is to understand what they’re going through, to communicate with them in their own language, and to offer answers to the challenges they face. In the end, it all comes down to the audience analysis and client avatar creation that you did in the beginning. This phase in establishing credibility with your target demographic is crucial. Trust is more important than the number of followers you have. There might be a problem if you aren’t gaining followers naturally and your Instagram posts aren’t receiving many likes or comments.


2. Regularly Updating Content


The age-old dilemma: how frequently should I update my Instagram feed? This is the wrong question to be asking; instead, you should be asking, “How rapidly do I want to grow, and how consistent am I?”

So, you’ve decided to run a marathon, and you’re thinking about… (this isn’t our kind of music, but the parallel holds!). The more regularly and consistently you train, the sooner you will be ready to take off. The same holds true for Instagram. More regular participation correlates with more rapid development.


3. Continue To Interact, Interact, And Interact


Engage others in the way you would like to be engaged. That sums up what we believe in. Go ahead and respond to someone’s post with a thoughtful remark that does what they asked. Do not just leave a single emoji or a generic message.

Integrity in communication fosters natural development. Communicate to your followers that you value their contributions by engaging with their posts. It’s not only the profile owner that hears these rumors, though. Your response will be visible to everyone else who interacts with this topic. The scope of your potential audience is substantially larger. Consider the Instagram comment section as a miniature billboard for advertising your company.

Don’t ever pay for fans or supporters. If you want to quickly stunt your Instagram expansion, pay for followers. Many business owners have been exposed as attempting to game the system by purchasing fan support. Breaking news: they’re still working on getting out of that hole, and it’s been years. A super-intelligent computer program is impossible to fool. You’ll get greater long-term outcomes if you prioritize organic and trustworthy growth rather than paying for your audience’s attention.


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