Pro tips to safe keep the fitted sheets.

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Are you waking up hackneyed in the morning instead of feeling refreshed? There could be a myriad of reasons behind that, like the wrong choice of your bedroom accessories. It has often been noted that flat bed sheets are the reasons for intense body pain and muscle cramps, due to which your body becomes unable to get sound sleep.

Like pillows, sheets also are overlooked when considering the critical factors to get an excellent slumber experience the day or night. Bed sheets are, in fact, the night jackets that provide you with the proper warmth, insulation, and comfort. So, it’s vital to look for the ideal bed sheets for your bedroom so that you can have the leisure of tranquil sleep at night. Fitted sheets are suggestable always to achieve the most restful good night’s sleep.

The fitted sheets are simply rectangular and quadrate bed sheets that have elastics at the four corners of the sheet and also around the corners but the pocket depth of the fitted sheets can vary. Some are 15″ deep, whereas some are 18. Fitted sheets not only offer deep comfort and relaxation while you are asleep but also help to define your bedroom look as well. Apart from this, these also protect your bed mattresses from undue damage or bacterial infection.

How to care for your fitted sheets?

It’s good if you bring home fitted sheets for your bedding spot. But the story does not end here, as you also need to follow specific steps to ensure the proper maintenance of these sheets for a long time. For that, specific guidelines have to be followed.

Caring for your fitted sheets can be done in the following ways

Read the manual before buying

The first and foremost thing to do is to read the manual first before actually purchasing the bedsheets. The care manual is also given to the customer while we buy the fitted sheets. You can shop for the uppermost quality fitted sheets range from the e-store of MaholiInc, which is located in Canada. You will get the most comprehensive range at our doorway.

Wash sheets on a Regular Basis

It is essential to wash off the fitted sheets regularly, like on a weekly basis, to stay healthy and hygienic. Nonetheless, it is the best instruction ever that comes with the fitted sheets catalog when you buy one. You can wash the sheets with cold water or water at room temperature. Handwashing is also delicate, but people prefer to machine-wash them for thorough cleansing. One can select the gentle cycle feature in the washing machine while rinsing off the fitted sheets. Ensure that you don’t use the bleaching agents on your fabric while washing.


Use the medium or the low setting to dry up your luxurious fitted sheets. Don’t use the high-temperature setting that is too hot as it can cause sheets to wear out faster. Also, the higher temperatures also shrink the fabrics. It’s a fact that using dryers for the fitted sheets can actually add softness to your sheets.



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