Proper Methods To Clean Difficult To Reach Windows


Cleaning the windows of your home on the first floor is an easy task to do. However, the story isn’t the same when it comes to cleaning the windows of your second floor, third floor and so on. The greatest concern is to find the ideal way to get up there, especially if you’re planning to clean the windows of your house’s second or third floor. 

Since you need your windows to be sparkling clean, you either have to hire a professional window cleaner in Bournemouth or proceed to go the DIY route. In case you’re planning to follow the DIY process, then we suggest reading our following guide as we’ll be talking about every major factor that you should learn about, including the much-needed tools to complete the task.

The Ingredients That You Will Need

  • A safety helmet
  • A ladder that’s strong & long
  • A pair of safety goggles
  • A bucket & a squeegee
  • A pair of protective gloves
  • A pair of flat boots
  • A window cleaning uniform (or simple shirt & trousers)

The Safety Concerns To Keep In Perspective

The first & foremost thing that you might be worried about when trying to clean any window that’s hard to reach, is none other than your safety. Nothing is more crucial than keeping you along with your family members safe & sound, so ensure that you prioritise safety over anything else. 

Any risk of injuries can be reduced by planning & preparing accurately beforehand. And to do that, you have to first ensure that you all have the necessary supplies and equipment (as mentioned above) before you begin your cleaning process. All the supplies must be gathered and kept in the same area where you’ll be working. Such a process will help you minimize the time & effort that you have to spend going back & forth for obtaining the supplies. 

Secondly, you have to ensure that the ladder you’re selecting should be able to support your full-body weight and it’s long enough to extend beyond the area where you’re planning to clean your windows. Furthermore, we suggest asking for additional help from another person, so that the ladder can be securely kept against your home exteriors and there are minimal chances of movement. 

Lastly, we suggest wearing all the protective clothing & outfits that we have listed before so that you’re fully geared up for the task.

Don’t Want To Leave The Ground? Use A Telescoping Rod

Since you’re cleaning windows at higher altitudes that are difficult to reach, you can use a telescoping rod for the same. Telescoping rods come in handy when you don’t want to leave the ground and have no intentions of using a ladder and all the protective clothing. 

Ensure that the rod has a mopping attachment on one side so that you fix a squeegee on one side and clean your windows without any worries of safety. However, do keep in mind to keep your rod clear of any electric wires, otherwise, accidents may happen. 

With that being said, if you do need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 


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