Purchase Tickets From KBC Helpline Number(0019197097959)

KBC Head Office Number

Purchasing a KBC lottery ticket is accessible on KBC Helpline Number(0019197097959). To buy a ticket, you can pre-register on the site. In the event that there is no craving to enroll, you should affirm the installment with a code from SMS.

The expense of one coupon is 60 rupees. There are 24 arbitrary numbers on the battleground in the reach from 1 to 75. It is feasible to autonomously orchestrate the qualities in the battleground. You can purchase up to 10 Tickets all at once with various mathematical qualities. The plan of numbers on the ticket isn’t remarkable. Similar tickets might be held by various players in a similar draw. There are two choices to look over while making a buy:

Multiplier: number of tickets in a single draw;

Draw: the quantity of resulting draws with the chose course of action of values on the battleground. Tickets are sold independently, which contain each of the 75 numbers. These coupons are sold in heaps of 5 pieces. The expense of the bundle is 300 rupees.

Prize asset and prizes

The KBC Moneylottery has five classes of prizes: four fixed prizes and one very prize. The dependable size of the very prize is 2,000,000 rupees. The ongoing bonanza size is noticeable while purchasing a ticket. The draw happens like clockwork.

How much rewards relies upon the round that is running. The draw incorporates four rounds:

  • First round – 15,000 rupees;
  • Second round – 1,200 rupees;
  • Third round – 120 rupees;
  • Fourth round – 90 rupees.

Adjusts contrast in the quantity of dropped balls. The principal round depends on 6 balls, the subsequent round really depends on 15 balls, the third round depends on 28 and the last round ultimately depends on 35. Altogether, there are 75 balls in the lottery drum with a worth from 1 to 75.

Rules of the game

The ” KBC Money Lottery ” game coupon addresses a 5X5 field with 24 non-rehashing numbers. To win a proper award, you really want to gather a game blend with a drop of 4 qualities corner to corner, in the center, or 5 qualities at the edge lines (in an upward direction or evenly). Instances of winning lines are displayed in the figure underneath.

The best way to win the bonanza is to gather a blend of 16 numbers “Casing”. Every one of them are situated as an afterthought edges of the coupon battleground.

In the primary cycle, 6 balls drop out of the lottery drum. Fixed rewards 15,000 rupees. To win, you want to gather a corner to corner or center line of 4 numbers or any vertical and even line of five.

In the subsequent cycle, 9 additional balls drop out. Winning blends don’t change. Fixed prize 1200 rupees.

In the third round, there is an amazing chance to win the bonanza, as the sixteenth – 28th move is made. Winning mixes don’t change. Monetary reward 120 rupees.

Outline Combination

In the fourth round, the coordinator of the lottery opens 7 additional balls. The attract goes up to the 35th move. The coordinator might build the quantity of moves. Fixed rewards 90 rupees. Prize mixes don’t change

The bonanza draw closes on the 30th move. If after the drop of 30 balls the “Edge” mix isn’t gathered, then the monetary reward goes to the following draw.

Draw results

KBC Money Lottery, as the administrator of the state lottery , consistently distributes the aftereffects of each draw . You can figure out the aftereffects of the draw on the site stoloto.ru:

In your own record after enrollment;

You can figure out the triumphant or non-winning ticket by calling the hotline. Contact KBC Head Office Number (0019197097959). You can really take a look at the draw information on the site from a PC or from a cell phone. KBC likewise has a portable application. Joins for downloading the program to a cell phone with Android.

Rewards and assessments

Getting a monetary reward in the lottery is comparable to getting pay by a person. The assessment rate is 13%. On the off chance that the rewards are in excess of 5,000,000 rupees, the expanded rate is 15%. Not a one-time win is thought of , however the whole pay from partaking in lotteries starting from the start of the year. While paying under 15,000 rupees.

The beneficiary should pay the assessment all alone. On the off chance that the sum is bigger, KBC pays charges all alone and the client gets the rewards less 13 or 15 percent. Non-inhabitants of the KBC Federation pay 30% of the rewards.

  • The strategy for getting cash relies upon how much rewards . With a pay of up to 600,000 rupees, you can get cash:
  • On the site (enrollment and confirmation required);
  • At a retail ticket retail location (greatest payout fluctuates by locale and retail location);
  • To a ledger;
Lottery focus in Mumbai.

With a measure of 600,000 rupees or more, cash must got at the lottery place or by bank move. For the last option, you should send a solicitation for cash. You should send a letter to the postal location 400064.

  • Ticket information: number and key;
  • Winning code from SMS;
  • Duplicate of identification: spread with photograph and spot of enlistment;
  • Account subtleties: bank, journalist account, BIC, recipient’s record;


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