Quick tips and Easy steps for a Gorgeous Balcony Garden


If you don’t have a lavish, big house with a grand front and backyard and attractive garden space, don’t be disappointed! You can still have a lovely small garden in your little apartment or condo if you have even a tiny balcony space. Just a few tips and tricks and your balcony would look better than the carefully landscaped green spaces of the finest bungalows in the country. No, we aren’t saying this as a consolation prize, but it’s true and very much possible.

Turn your balcony into a small garden instantly with these tips

Regardless of the size and shape of your balcony, you can still create a fantastically alluring green space in here that is going to give you a refreshing feel each morning and be the soothing corner to rejuvenate you every evening. And if you are tempted already to create this cheerful garden in your balcony, keep reading for the tips:

Get an instant upgrade with artificial grass

Artificial grass is the easiest step to spruce up the beauty of your balcony and turns it into a wonderful garden. This is quite similar to natural grass and looks even better. You’ll also find it super easy to maintain and clean and very durable as well. Just get a good layer of fake grass in NZ from Unreal Lawns and get the lush allure of greenery in your balcony. They stock fake grass in excellent quality just perfect for your little spot of greenery.

Add multiple plant holders

Normally, you think that plant holders are only the typical pots that you place in your garden which require lots of space. But you can easily add as many plant pots as possible (and holders too!) in your garden if you think wisely. Yes, you can try going for vertically arranged plant holders. Also, you will get multiple such holders which can easily fit on your grill or the window. Now you won’t have to sacrifice fitting in your favourite plants and shrubs just because it’s a small balcony garden.

Try to   more colorful in plant choices

 Now you can actually spruce up your entire garden without any colourful lights. Wondering how? You can simply pick colourful plant holders and also get as many decorative or flowering plants for this garden as you can.

Invest generously in creepers and climbers

Creepers and climbers are truly beautiful if they naturally curve around your railings and provide exactly a garden-like feel in your balcony (remember the beautiful vines?). You can even try rolling them around your other plant holders for added pizzazz.

Add landscaping elements

If you would have owned a large garden, won’t you have installed a fountain in between or some decorative art pieces? Well, then why don’t you do the same even on your balcony? Yes, we agree that space is a constraint, but there are always those miniature art pieces and electric fountains available to enhance the beauty of the green corner.

Looking lovely, isn’t it? Now you can simply sit on the fake grass carpet in your balcony garden and perform yoga or simply feel the natural breeze while sipping a cuppa. 


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