Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home For Floor Sanding


It’s time for a floor sanding job! The moment you see the scratches going deep, the stains quite visible, along with the faded look of the wood, you know you have to call the floor sanders. Your hardwood floors show these symptoms when they are too old or pretty worn-out. Sometimes, even a lot of usage leads to wear and tear if the traffic on this floor is indeed high. 

How to keep your floor ready for the sanding job?

Floor sanding is the best way to imbibe life and longevity to your old and worn-out hardwood surfaces. But there are two conditions to achieve the best results with this procedure. One, you should prep the floor for this job. Secondly, call the expert professionals in floor sanding and polishing from Doncaster Floors. They are specialists in these jobs with the best men at work and the right equipment as well. So, if you want the best results in exchange for your investments in floor sanding, follow these tips before the experts arrive:

  • Vacate the floor — You should vacate the floor before the sanding experts arrive. We especially emphasize this step. You remove small items like tables, chairs and décor pieces from this room. However, heavy furniture like sofa sets, bookshelves stay on. If you want a completely perfect job, remove these as well. We understand the amount of time and labor you have to spend on it, but imagine one side of your floor is sanded, while the other side remains as it was before! Surely, the results won’t be satisfactory.
  • Clean the surface — Okay, you would say that since you are sanding the floor, you will undeniably see a lot of mess over it. Well, if you don’t want the debris and dirt present on the floor to be visible on the newly sanded surface, ensure to clean it before the experts arrive.
  • Hammer in the nails — Over time, nails on your hardwood floor are visible because the planks are shifted. We suggest you take a hammer and press them inside the floor so that these don’t come in the way of the sanding machine and scratch your floor further. Remember, you will not be able to easily retrieve the damage that happens once your floor is further scratched.
  • Stock on the plastic sheets — Many sanding experts today promise a completely mess-free job. However, it is crucial that you still stock plastic sheets in your house. Because no matter how much they prevent it, some amount of dust stays back during the process. If these cling to your windows and doors or even furniture, it becomes difficult to clean them. Just to ensure a safer, cleaner house, cover everything with these plastic sheets.
  • Ensure better ventilation — A detailed sanding and polishing job takes some days to dry up. The better the ventilation and air in your house, the faster it dries. If you desire to use the floor soon again after the sanding job, remove anything that blocks natural light and air from coming into the house.
  • Keep kids and seniors away — Floor sanding involves varieties of machinery and chemicals. Some of these machines make a lot of noise. Also, the sand or mess that happens because of this procedure is harmful to children and senior citizens. That is why the experts recommend you keep the kids and seniors away from the house until the entire process is finished. Even the polish that is used after the floor sanding process contains some harmful chemicals. The elderly and the children may be vulnerable to these.

Floor sanding is a wise procedure that gives your house an entirely renovated look. You won’t believe it, but after this step, your hardwood floor would sparkle and shine like new. So, ensure a seamless process by preparing everything beforehand and basking in the glory of a dazzling house afterward.


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