Rejuvenate Your Real Estate Business Back To Form With A Zillow Clone!

Zillow Clone

In the digital world, all the business sectors have completely moved online as they get more traffic from customers. In the case of the real estate business, it is still way behind! If you are a business owner in the real-estate sector, it is time to deploy a Zillow Clone in your business. Yes, today, we are open to using more technologically advanced applications that are quite ahead of time. It feels like we already live in the future with the new inventions in technology.

It is a boon that the intervention of technology in various fields has transformed the business by taking their complete operations online with various features added to it that serve different purposes. Earlier, the real estate dealings always had middlemen in successfully finding the clients to rent, buy or sell the properties. How will the introduction of Zillow Clone help the real estate business to grow exponentially? What are the primary features and benefits of incorporating a Zillow Clone in your business? In this blog, we have completely explained the role of Zillow Clone in the real estate business.

What Is A Zillow Clone?

A Zillow Clone is a recreation of the popular Zillow application, which is an on-demand online platform that connects real estate owners with clients without any middlemen interference. It makes the complete buying and selling process more transparent and reliable. The Zillow Clone is a customizable business solution that helps the venture to accelerate quickly within weeks of deploying. What are the outstanding features of Zillow Clone? 

Key Features Of A Zillow Clone

The list of primary features of the app like Zillow decides the functionality of the application. We shall now look at the essential features of Zillow Clone.

  • Registration

The user needs to sign up to the application by providing the necessary data such as mail ID or phone number, which makes them a registered user with your business.

  • Property List 

The property list is a feature that completely displays the list of features properties with the required details such as contact information, price, and more! The user can take a look at the listed data of properties from this feature.

  • Book Property

If the user is interested in buying a property that they find from the property list, they can immediately mark it as their favorite or can book the respective property by clicking on the book property feature.

  • Booking Confirmation 

Once the user sends the request to buy the property, the landlord can accept it back, which will be received as a confirmation of the property to the user.

  • Pictures Of The Property

This feature shows the complete pictures of the property with high resolution, which allows the user to get a clear view of the property that they are interested in taking a look at.

  • Chat Options

The chat option allows the users to connect with the landlords with the contact details that have been provided by them if there is a need to know more details about the property.

  • Payment

The payment feature allows the users to pay the rent or price of the purchased property online through multiple payment methods.

Benefits Of A Zillow Clone

There are various benefits when it comes to developing and incorporating a Zillow Clone in your real estate business, such as the following.

  • Wide Interaction

One of the major advantages is that the businesses will get more new customers as there is a wide customer interaction that will boost your business growth.

  • Streamlined Services

The Zillow Clone helps both the buyer and seller to meet online, which breaks down the tedious process as meeting in person can be more exhausting.  

  • Increased Revenue

The revenue is the integral part of the business where there will be a quick boost up in the revenue ensuring infinite business success. As new customers enter your business to make property dealings, you will witness an increase in revenue every quarter.

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of your business will also be increased as the complete business process is made online. So the business operations are flawless and run smoothly.

  • Brand Awareness

As you provide good services to your customers through various channels, your brand visibility will surely increase, making it more popular amongst your customers. Building a Zillow Clone for your business will increase your brand awareness.

Monetization Of A Zillow Clone

  • Subscription 

Subscriptions are one of the monetization methods where the sellers need to pay some fee to get listed in the property, based on the subscription model they choose. It is considered the major source of income.

  • Priority Listing

To increase the chances to attract the buyers, the sellers can pay a listing fee for their property to appear on the top of the listing category. This is one of the top monetization choices to get featured on the top of the list

  • Premium Membership

Paying for the premium membership will unlock new features of the application which the premium members only can enjoy.

  • Commission

The admins can earn some commission on each property sold or rented and can set their commission according to their preferences or industry standards.

  • Advertisements

The admins can include advertisements for their property by themselves or by third-party companies, or by any other business.


The online platform for buying, selling, and renting property is now trending across the business world. If you want to take off your business online and enjoy the benefits associated with it, all you need to do is build a sophisticated Zillow Clone. You can witness a quick boost in business as soon as you get a personalized Zillow Clone. Become a giant in the real estate sector by building an advanced app like Zillow and reach the horizons of success.


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