Remodeling the bathroom – Which one is better a DIY or a professional

Interior of a fancy bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is a wonderful idea to keep yourself busy this summer because it is a perfect way to maintain social distancing. A DIY will not only keep you occupied but your kids as well and whenever you’ll enter the bathroom it’ll remind you of your accomplishment.

However, bathroom remodeling is all about high-quality finishing and you must be careful especially while installing fixtures because if it isn’t done properly, you would be looking at a leak in the future. If it seems a bit more challenging, then you can always hire an expert for remodeling the bathroom.

Below you can find a fine comparison between a DIY and hiring a professional for remodeling and it might help you decide what you should do.

Working efficiency

Remodeling your bathroom, yourself might be a great idea but there can be challenges that you might run into. For example, the remodeling work is all about the high-quality output that changes the look of the bathroom for good.

You should be aiming to deliver one hundred percent when you decide to do it yourself. A good remodeling job needs a fine blend of skills and experience that a bathroom remodeling service in Medford MA might have but you certainly don’t.

You can learn a few tricks online to attempt something on your own. However, in most cases, the final quality isn’t anywhere near what a professional can deliver.

Time consumption

Time consumption is another important factor that would help you make a decision whether you should hire a remodeling expert or do it yourself. Whenever you start a project, it is highly desirable to finish it in time if you are working on a deadline.

Therefore, a simple remodeling task that an expert would be able to finish in a day you probably would do it at least in a couple of days.

That’s why if you need to finish remodeling the bathroom tomorrow, then doing it yourself isn’t an optimal choice. Because you’ll not only consume more time but the overall work quality will be less as well.


Like it is said before that remodeling isn’t a simple job because a simple task would demand an extreme level of focus. Besides, it isn’t always about just installing stuff, but it is about problem-solving as well. For example, installing a new water outlet would be a lot more difficult than you imagine.

Because you will not bring a new pipeline, but you have to use the existing pipeline to create another outlet for the new installation.

Therefore, it can’t be said how many challenges you might run into, and solving them can become a headache for you. So, you’d need the expertise of a professional for remodeling the bathroom.

Damage expectation

Whenever a contractor starts remodeling the bathroom, he always takes into account the possible damages because the project would require you to remove a lot of stuff and installing a lot of new stuff.

However, there will be a lot of stuff that would be reused given the new idea. Since you don’t have the experience, you probably will damage even the useful stuff along with the useless.

It would not only cost you money but time as well. Whereas for a professional it isn’t a big thing because it’s the routine for bathroom remodeling service in Medford MA and even if they damage something, they are insured to cover up such damages.

Technical issues

Remodeling the bathroom has a lot of mechanical work and there can be a lot of technical issues because even a small remodeling project disrupts everything in the bathroom.

For example, if have to replace the fixtures, then doing it improperly can cause a leak. Similarly, if you are installing the tiles an imbalanced floor would create a non-uniform surface and many others. Your best shot to avoid all these complications is to work with professionals.

Cost comparisons

The cost of a project is the biggest driving factor and it decides how the project will start and even how and when it’ll finish. A good way to start a project is setting up the budget and it would tell you whether you can hire an expert for remodeling the bathroom or not.

If you have the money, then you can hire an expert to remodel your bathroom perfectly. However, if you don’t have enough money then a DIY is also a possibility, but you would have to learn a lot before you can start the work.

The answer to the question that whether you should hire an expert for remodeling or do it yourself is clear from all of the points discussed above.

It is clear that hiring a professional is way better than attempting something on your own, but a little remodeling knowledge and experience can work like magic for you and you’d be able to do it yourself as well.



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