Replace a Car Key Without Original


Cars have become an integral part of our daily life. However, if you misplace your vehicle keys, your car will be useless. Whenever such a situation arises, most people prefer to get a replacement car key by using several methods. The car keys are easy to replace, and the replacements are also compatible with the car. However, if you don’t have a replacement key with you, getting it can get tricky. This is when people think about how they can get their car keys replaced without having the original one. Here’s how you can do it. 

Figure Out the Type of Your Car Key

Before deciding on the method you will adopt for getting the replacement car key, it is important to know its characteristics. This is the first step you need to do to speed up the whole process. Each car might have a different key which can be related to the manufacturer or vehicle type itself. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the original key when you are looking to figure out the key time. You might need to figure out whether it is a transponder, traditional, or programmed key. 

Select the Best Key Replacement Method

After determining the car key type, you should decide which method to use to get the replacement key. You can decide whether you need a local locksmith or your car dealer. Therefore, make decisions wisely, as this will greatly affect your budget and the quality of services you receive. Here is how you can get the car key replaced.

  • Hiring an Automotive Locksmith

It is a low-cost method as the car locksmith has all the equipment to replace various keys and most car models. Moreover, most locksmiths offer mobile services and specialize in car keys and locks. Hence, they act fast, and you get your replacement key within no time. Auto locksmiths can also provide you with car key programming. Hence, if your replaced key needs to be programmed, it can be done on the spot too. 

  • Car Insurance Provider

Sometimes car keys are not protected by insurance companies, which may depend on whether your insurance policy protects you. Every insurance company has different requirements. In addition, your insurance claim may affect your compensation, so it will still cost you afterward. Some people offer key insurance as an additional fee, but this is usually an additional amount you pay in addition to the car insurance.

  • Authorized Car Dealership

Going to your car dealership can be a very expensive and time-consuming option. Unlike an automotive locksmith, a car dealer does not have all the special equipment to get your key replaced. Sometimes, they might need to order your key especially, and it may take a long time. In addition, many dealers don’t program car keys, so only traditional keys can be replaced.

  • Local Garage 

The last option may be a local garage for you, but most garages are expensive as they have to pay for diagnostic equipment. Also, garages may not have special encryption equipment carried by a locksmith. 

Collect Your Car’s Information

To obtain a replacement key, you must have the following information about your car:

  • Car Manufacturer
  • Car Model
  • Car Model Year
  • Name of the Car
  • Vehicle Identification Number (OS)

This information helps the locksmith, car mechanic, or car dealer to determine which keys your car needs. You can find your car’s identification number on the driver’s dashboard. This information will also be needed to confirm ownership of the car. Before a locksmith starts making a replacement key, he will make sure that you are the real owner of the vehicle.

Get the Key Replaced 

Once you have received all the necessary information and handed it over to your car dealer or mechanic, you will have to wait patiently to receive a new car key. It should be noted that the process of making a car key without an original one takes a little longer than other processes to replace a car key. For locksmiths, this process takes more time as the locksmith has to comb the car’s database using your VIN. Ask your mechanic or dealer if programming is required for your replacement car key. Most modern vehicles use a transponder key, and the keys must be connected accordingly. Hence, make sure that everything you need is done accordingly. 

In past years, getting a car key without the original one was considered difficult. However, technology has improved a lot, and several automobile locksmiths have become professionals in this job. Nowadays, it has become easy for automobile locksmiths to provide you with replacement keys. Moreover, if automobile locksmiths aren’t present, you can get your car keys replaced by visiting your car dealer or a nearby garage.


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