Retaining Walls and Landscaping Projects Best For Professionals

retaining wall being built in back yard

Landscaping can be a lot of fun and it’s not too difficult to do on your own. However, there are some projects, like retaining walls,  that require the services of a professional contractor. Hiring someone with experience solves a couple of problems.  One, they know exactly what materials to use and two, they know how to get the job done right for you. They’ll also help you avoid potential pitfalls that some who take on these projects on their own might encounter. Read on to find out which 5 landscaping projects should be left up to a pro!

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is an important part of a landscape design and can make all the difference in your backyard. It prevents soil erosion and acts as a dividing line between two parts of your yard. One example of this is with flowerbeds on one side and lawn on the other. A retaining wall can be a special addition to any yard that will make it look and feel more complete. Not only this, but retaining walls make more parts of your yard usable.

Have slopes in your yard that prevent you from using the space?  A retaining wall fixes that by creating flat tiers of land.  This opens up more of your outdoor space to functionality.

Retaining wall materials commonly include rocks, bricks or some type of mortar. Constructing retaining walls often includes many other types of materials as well. They come in many shapes and styles. Simple retaining walls can be done pretty easily by a homeowner.  However, others require design and understanding of structural engineering for correct construction. Because of safety and liability issues, experienced professionals should tackle this job. This is especially important in areas with high risk for erosion or flooding.

Especially on hillsides at high risk of eroding, retaining walls should really be built by a professional.


A lot like retaining walls, a patio can add a lot of usable space to your yard. It’s the perfect way to create a space for entertaining which will give you an opportunity to entertain guests outdoors. It’s also a great way to optimize your outdoor living space and enjoy the warmer weather.

A lot of people want to tackle this project on their own.   But, there are many reasons why it might be better for them to have a professional do it instead. Someone with no construction experience  may want to put down patio pavers to create the perfect patio space. However, they may not know about proper drainage or how to prepare and impact the soil to ensure the pavers don’t shift over time. These are the types of things that a professional landscaper will know and would be able to do well.

Other reasons for hiring a professional include needing something fixed like drainage or stairs or even just a design consultation. All of these tasks require someone with  specialized knowledge.  Most people don’t build patios very often, which is why you should hire a professional when the need arises.

Tree Planting

Most people think selecting and planting a tree is a simple project they can do on their own. And, in some cases it is quite simple but there are problems a professional landscaper can help you avoid. They understand the unique needs of different types of trees.  And, they understand how they will mature as part of your overall landscape design.

A common problem that develops when homeowners do not consult a professional when selecting and planting trees is that they select tree species with invasive roots. Invasive roots can lead to a serious problem of trees lifting sidewalks and driveways. These tree roots may even impact your home’s foundation.

A professional will help you select the appropriate tree species for your landscape that is not invasive and won’t require costly repairs down the road.

Landscape Lighting Design

You may think installing lights around your house or on pathways in your yard is easy, but it’s important to have electrical work done by a professional with experience. Landscape maintenance complicates landscape lighting installation because of how much water is involved. Mixing electrical components and water is always a risk.

Not only this, but a professional landscape designer can help spot problem areas where poor light coverage can become a hazard. A poorly lit pathway can be dangerous, especially at night in the winter when snow and ice may cover the ground.

A professional will help you install high quality fixtures or lights that are safe for your family and pets.They will take into account the proper parts needed to keep the lighting functioning despite having to weather outdoor conditions. They’ll ensure the correct installation of wiring so no problems arise later on with circuits, outlets or other key components.

Installing Irrigation Systems

Designing and installing an irrigation system for your landscaping isn’t as simple as many might think. Anybody who has every walked down the irrigation aisle at the local home improvement store knows that there are a huge variety of irrigation tools and options for homeowners. This can be a bit overwhelming for those with no experience in installing these.

When you have a large lawn or one with a variety elevation changes, it’s important to get an expert opinion from professionals. These types of conditions require careful planning around proper drainage and full coverage of all areas of the landscaping. This can lead to problems with patchy or dry spots on lawns as well as landscape that dies.

Landscaping and Retaining Wall Pros

It is best to leave some landscaping jobs up to professionals. They can be a big undertaking and require an understanding of the specific needs for your space. Patios, retaining walls, installing irrigation systems, landscape lighting, planting trees – these are just some examples that may benefit from hiring a professional landscaper or contractor. Not sure where to start with your own project? Tired of watching endless Youtube videos for DIY projects? Reach out to your local landscaper to discuss your needs so you don’t have to struggle to get the outdoor space you want.


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