Seller’s guide on how to get your home inspected the right way


Most home sellers would be doubly anxious on reading this headline but the fact remains that you need to get your house inspected, by an independent contractor. You are bound to have more than a few offers for your home, and chances are that the buyers in question would want your home inspected by an inspector. That’s only to be expected but before that, you can hire the services of an independent contractor to review and assess your home completely. That should give you an idea of what to expect on the actual inspection day. Read on to know more about it and what to expect.

Home inspection

As a seller, it would make sense to hire the services of a home inspector in Brampton and give your home a once-over. The inspection report should list out all the faults, both minor and major issues. Sure, you can penny-pinch and avoid this step altogether. But the reason why it is advisable to get your home inspected, before the buyer’s inspector lands there is so that you have a detailed assessment of your home and that gives you a chance to get it fixed. Sure, there are a few buyers who would be more than happy for you to get this sorted out before the actual purchase. But then again, some would just walk away and hence the need for a detailed assessment. Just keep in mind that a home inspection may not cover a detailed survey of asbestos, black mold, or Radon, that’s present.

What will the inspection report cover?

This is a question that puzzles both buyers and sellers alike. Normally a home inspection, even a detailed one would only cover certain aspects of your home from the roof leaks to HVAC systems. But if you are still unsure, then you may want to review the checklist posted below.

  1. HVAC systems
  2. Electrical and plumbing
  3. Roof leaks
  4. Cracks in the wall and ceiling that need to be fixed
  5. Windows and doors
  6. Roof leaks

Make it easy for the inspector

One of the often-heard complaints, is that the front door and others doors in the home are locked uptight. Just make sure that you are at hand, with all the doors open wide, to give ease of access to the home inspector. After all, how is he supposed to inspect a room, if it is locked up? Make sure that all the utilities are working, and if they have been disconnected, get it sorted out asap. And make sure that you tidy up your home before the inspector pops in for a visit. Sure, it might be the inspector whose services you had just hired to inspect your home. But even then, remove all the clutter before he comes over to assess your home.

The perfect home?

If you were hoping to get some similar accreditation from the home inspector in his report, you are bound to be disappointed. You need to understand the fact that no home is perfect and yours is bound to have more than a few flaws. Here’s what you can do, you can strategize and concentrate on the major flaws that need to be fixed right away. This should help you when the buyer’s inspector shows up. Just keep in mind that you would still need to attend to the small flaws, and if you have the resources, funds then you may want to get those fixed as well. For the moment, concentrate on the major ones, and get them sorted out right away.

This is how you go about getting your home inspected before the actual inspection takes place, good luck


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