Serve the Food Quality as the Indian Restaurant Bradford


Indian cuisine means that this cuisine holds a wide variety of dishes prepared all around India. Which include India’s special herbs, spices and signature ingredients or extracts that make their dish separate from the rest of the world. There are many types of dishes that define Indian Restaurant Bradford . The famous dishes include Bhujia , palak paneer which is a combination of mixed vegetables with traditional seasoning. “Aloo gobi” which is a mixed gravy of potatoes and cauliflower.

The sweet items include “Rasgulla” which is something like the ras malai but instead of soaking it in the milk, they soak it in sugar syrup. The sugar syrup makes the rasgulla soft and sweet. The rasgullas is a dish that is enjoyed by many.


How is Pakistani and Indian cuisine different?

It is said that Indian food is a lot spicier than a regular Pakistani dish. Indians tend to add mustard seeds to every dish. Meat is an important dish for Pakistanis whereas Indians are famously known for lentils called “daal” and vegetables of many types called the “sabji”.

However, dishes like parathas and saag are enjoyed by both cuisines. The Pakistanis are also famous for beef nihari which does not seem to be a part of Indian cuisine because of their religious reasons.

Indians tend to have a wide variety of food options whereas Pakistanis are limited because they tend to follow the food trends that have been passed through generations and that is one of the reasons why the quality of the food is well maintained since no addition or variation of the dish is made.


The best Curry and Kebabs Along with Anything Else you Would Like

The topmost restaurant that has been given the rating of 4.6 is known as “Sultans”. It is located on Manningham Lane. The restaurant is said to have the best curry and kebabs along with anything else you would like to have.

The chef is well experienced and knows exactly what traditional spices are preferred by his customers. Sultans have a wide variety of food items that you can choose from. It has a vegetarian section as well as a regular.

The service is excellent, and the quality of the food is well maintained. The environment is welcoming, and you will not be disappointed once you have tried their food.

The next best restaurant that has been awarded a 4.5 rating is “Kipling’s”. You can get your tables reserved at any time and it is open 7 days a week from 5:30 to 11 pm. Takeaway and online delivery is also an option.

The menu includes exquisitely delicious items that will get your mouth watering in no time. They have the famous “Murgh tandoori”, seekh kebabs, Fish masala and many more. A kid’s section is also available which includes Finger fish, chicken nuggets and chicken fillets.

Have a Separate Vegetable and Special Dishes Section.

Other than that, they have a separate vegetable and special dishes section. Their specials include chicken handi which is a dish made with boneless chicken and a variety of traditional spices are added for flavour and gravy is prepared. This is usually served with naan or roti. A side section of bread is also available for you to choose from.

There is another restaurant called the “Bharat restaurant” which also includes a variety of Indian dishes. Its menu includes a section for starters, tandoori, biryani, and classic dishes as well as chef specials, and the vegetarian section.


The starters include karai kebabs, vegetarian platters. If you are looking for something that includes lamb, then the famous lamb chops are also available and if you are looking for a non-Indian appetizer then they have got you covered with an option of King prawn butterfly and stuffed mushrooms.In the specialities, of Sweet Centre Cafe  chicken jalfrezi, meat saag which is meat mixed with spinach, Tandoori chicken masala that has all the spices you are craving.

Other than that a restaurant called “Sweet Centre” also serves dishes like the samosa and Asian pickle with puris. They have the famous halwa as well. You can order it online or have it delivered as well.



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