Shades, shutters, and blinds for 7 Different Types of Kitchen Windows

How to handle window treatment for a house with large windows?

Large windows are an awesome addition to the room, especially the living room. However, only the residents of the house can explain the complicated relationship they share with their large windows, which look glorious! They fill the room with natural lights, make the room look larger, and give a beautiful view of the outside. At the same time, it can be incredibly hot on summer days, the furniture can get damaged, the carpets can fade due to all the harmful sun rays, and there is no privacy. Using shades, blinds, and shutters effectively, the good parts of large windows in a room can be enjoyed while alleviating the problems caused by them.

Try cellular or honeycomb shades

You can try the bottom-up or top-down cellular shades for privacy and to diffuse the sunlight. You can cover parts of the room from external view and sunlight can filter into the room just enough to warm up the room and to give natural lighting. The honeycomb cells of the cellular shades trap the heat and thus naturally insulate the room, making it energy efficient. You can opt for cordless or automated shades, which will give the windows a clean look and make them safe for children and pets.

Try vertical blinds

If you want greater control on how much of the window should be open, you can skip shades and shutters and try vertical blinds. Depending on the décor you can opt for natural wood or faux wood blinds that are made of vinyl. The blinds can be fitted into a panel track so that they can be slid open completely or the individual vanes can be opened or shut to the desired degree. You can have them automated as smart appliances and give voice commands for them to open and shut.

Try Combi Shades

Combi shades combine the functionality and style of blinds and shades to offer greater cover and complement the aesthetics of the room. You can motorize them with a smart home system and control the light and warmth of the room with layered strips of fabric in different positions. They will slide up smoothly and cover the entire window while letting soft light bathe the room in a warm and inviting glow. It will also help regulate the room temperature with natural insulation.

Combine shades, blinds, and shutters

Layering is an excellent idea especially if the window is street-side and south-facing. You can pick plantation shutters and horizontal blinds or shades and shutters for optimum window cover and a greater effect. If all the windows of the house are large or if you have arched windows, you can install plantation shutters for windowpanes and add a layer of roman shades to cover them. If you have picture window frames, you can go for combi shades. For French windows, plantation shutters with vertical blinds are a very interesting option. There is a lot one can do to elevate the window dressing by combining more than one type of window treatment.

Smart home window treatment

Navigating window treatment for large windows can get tricky and complicated. Hence, it is better to choose cordless shades, blinds, and shutters. Better still is the smart home window treatment that automates the window treatment operations. You can connect the window treatment for virtual commands and set alarms for when the shades and shutters must be opened fully or partially or shut completely. You can also give voice commands for opening the window treatment with Google Smart Home, Alexa, or Siri. If the window is in the room, then you can set up a time for the shades, blinds, and shutters to open at the time you must wake up.

The window treatments for large windows can give the room a feeling of space and you can take advantage of the space to create a nice backdrop for your interiors. You can pick shades and blinds in custom designs and prints, and the shutters can be painted to contrast or match the wall colors. Choose shades, blinds, and shutters for covering the window treatment in a way that will help you leverage the benefits of large windows and truly enjoy the space within your house.




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