Shingles in Your Yard and Other Signs You Need a New Roof


Your roof is an extremely important component of your home, and it needs to be in good condition at all times to properly protect your property. However, roofs can become damaged due to bad weather conditions or regular wear and age. Keep some of the following signs in mind as a way to tell when you need to repair your roofing system.

Missing Shingles

If shingles on your house are starting to go missing, this usually means that they were either installed improperly or that wind has caused them to come loose. Regardless of how they came off, if shingles are missing from your roofing system, it invites water entry through the resulting tiny openings. Missing shingles will often be your first and surest sign of roof damage.

Leaks Inside Your Home

If water is leaking into your house through the ceiling during a rainstorm, then it is time for some repairs (or replacements, depending on how severe the problem is). A small leak may just need sealant, but a higher volume of water coming through may require more serious repairs. These may involve replacing boards or the entire roof, depending on its current shape.

Your Roof Looks Damaged From the Outside

Sometimes you can tell the most obvious signs of damage just by taking a look at your roofing system. If you see that there are many green, cracked, or cupped shingles along your roof’s surface, you may need to have entire sections replaced to stop further damage from spreading. If too much of the roof is too far gone, an entire replacement may be necessary before the damage spreads from the roof to the rest of your home.

Sagging Sections of the Roof

A sagging section on top of your system typically signifies that serious structural damage has occurred. These warped or waterlogged boards need to be removed and replaced with fresh lumber before new shingles are set over their top. If this problem is not dealt with quickly enough, it could cause the entire roof to collapse, which can lead to very expensive repairs down the line.

If you think it is time to repair your roofing system, one of the most important things that you can do is get in touch with the experts at your earliest convenience. Get an estimate on the cost of repairs as soon as possible so that your home is protected from further damage.


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