Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door


    As much as you want your home’s garage door to last a lifetime, it’s likely bound to break down at some point. Certain garage door problems can be fixed, but you should consider having your garage door replaced if more serious problems are interfering with how your door opens and shuts. If you notice any of these signs, getting your garage door replaced can save you further trouble.

    Extensive Damage

    Your garage door may have sustained a lot of damage that can’t be fixed entirely with even the best repair methods. If the door has large dents because of a major weather event or because of a vehicle or another object hitting it, a garage door replacement may be the only reasonable solution. If you have a wooden garage door, the door may also be severely damaged by termites and should be replaced.

    Increased Energy Costs

    A faulty garage door can be using more energy than it should operate, and a garage door replacement may help lower your utility bills. Your garage door might also not be giving the inside of your garage proper insulation, which can result in even more wasted energy. A supplier of your choosing, like Old Dominion Door Sales, can offer you a new garage door that’s designed to save energy while still working as it should.

    An Outdated Door

    Even if your garage door doesn’t seem to be giving you any problems, it may be past its prime and need a replacement. Garage doors can usually last up to 30 years before they need to be replaced, and you should consider getting a new door if your current one is beyond its average lifespan. Your old garage door may also look outdated, and switching to a new garage door can improve the look of your home.

    More Expensive to Repair

    Oftentimes, depending on the problem, a garage door would cost more to repair than replace. Even if your current garage door can be saved with some repair work, you should compare the cost of the repair work to the cost of getting a new garage door and see which option is cheaper. You should definitely get a new garage door if your current door is constantly having to be repaired.

    Your garage door has an important purpose, so you’ll want one that’s reliable enough to protect the inside of your garage and make your life easier. If it’s time to replace your garage door, you can choose from many new options that may work perfectly for your home.


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