Signs Your Asphalt Roof Needs Repair


Maintaining your roof is one of the most important parts of keeping your property in good shape over the years. The roof is a key component of your property and can protect the building from damage in all types of weather conditions, or lead to a lot of damage and hassle should something go wrong with the property. As you maintain an asphalt roof, there are a few signs it needs repairs to ensure you can avoid damage.


Although leaks are common with all types of roofs, leaving them untreated can lead to a lot of water damage and mold growth that can lead to a significant loss of money and memories as you try to get it repaired and throw out what’s been damaged beyond repair. If you notice water stains that are present on the ceiling or puddles of water in different parts of the home, hire professional roofers, someone like Roof Cat, to locate the leak and perform the necessary repairs. Failing to give attention to leaks can cause mildew and mold to form, which can put your family’s health at risk as you spend time indoors.

An Exposed Roof Deck

The shingles are designed to offer protection on the roof deck to prevent leaks from forming. If you spot any areas where the roof deck is visible, you can hire a professional to secure new shingles to the roof with the use of roofing cement. If the shingles continue to come loose or you notice granules in the rain gutters, it may be time to replace the structure.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing that is present on the chimney and skylights can become damaged in high winds and severe weather. If you notice it’s no longer secure on the roof, repairs are needed to prevent moisture from seeping through the materials.

Visible Daylight Through the Roof

Inspect the roof boards in your attic to determine if any natural light is seeping into the building. This indicates that holes or cracks have formed on the roof, which can allow moisture, pests, and other environmental elements into the building. The holes immediately need to be sealed before further damage can occur. It’s also important to check for sagged rafters, which indicates a lot of water has started to accumulate.


As a homeowner, having knowledge about the different signs that your roof needs repairs can allow you to become more prepared to give attention to the materials before it’s too late. With the contact number of a qualified roofer in the local area, you can be prepared to act quickly and maintain the structural integrity of your property over time.


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