Simple and Sweet Ideas to Beautify Walls without Paint


Are you tired of painting walls to spruce up your interiors? Well, in such a case, you might be thinking of ways to add pizzazz minus the paint. Great, you landed on the right page. We have got a bunch of ideas through which you can make your walls look beautiful without resorting to painting. And guess what, you don’t even have to spend much in carrying out these steps.

Creative and super cool ways to decorate your walls without painting

 Normally, if you want to adorn your walls, you just have to prepare the walls by calling a gib stopper in Auckland from FQS Interior and then paint on it in the wonderful shades that you love. They have got a team of experienced experts ready to do both tasks for you. After that, your home just looks adorable. But since now you are looking for some other way out, you may as well try these ways and spruce up your walls creatively:

  • Photo gallery walls

When the paint of your wall is giving away and you can’t even redo it, then you can always adorn it with some beautiful photographs. Yes, you can create a wonderful effect in any room with the help of a gallery wall full of memories. Be it your family photographs, your childhood stories, or just the pictures that you have randomly taken during your holidays. Just put them in nice frames and hang them on the walls. You will love the fantastic effect this will give to your room and you will not need to paint it at all.

  • Wall stickers

Nowadays you get lovely stickers of every theme online. You can pick the one that suits your room and mood and simply stick them on your walls. It would hardly take even an hour and the result would be a totally transformed room with picturesque walls that give you positive vibes.

  • Stretched fabric and tapestries

Have you ever wondered how the fabric would look on your wall? Well, it can actually enhance the beauty of the room massively. Just pick up the fabric wallpaper available in the market which you can install on your walls and see the fantastic effect afterward. The plus points of these wallpapers and tapestries are that they are super quick and easy to install and remove. You also get them in numerous colors and patterns.

  • Fake grass and vertical garden

If you want a lovely spring-like effect in your room without painting the walls blue and pink, then install some fake grass on your wall and then add some planters with indoor plants to create an astounding look.

  • Curtains and drapes

Who said curtains and drapes are only for the windows? Well, you can easily install them on your walls to enhance the beauty of your room. A quite common décor idea embraced at events and commercial spaces, this is even catching up in the home décor arena. It not only covers bad paint or faulty brickwork but also adds softness and warmth to the décor.

With these steps, you’re sure to get a fantastically decorated and upgraded room and that too without any paint. 


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