Simple Steps to Become a Licensed Home Inspector in NJ


Do you want a secondary career as a home inspector in Monmouth County NJ? If yes, you need to be licensed by the state first. Each state in the US has its own set of standards that new and existing inspectors should meet. Only then will they receive the certification required to practice as a home inspector. Whether you have just moved to New Jersey and want to be an inspector here, as well, or you are someone starting out as a home inspector, this article will give you all the information you need. 

What you need to be a home inspector in NJ

In New Jersey, you need to have finished a certain amount of training hours to be certified as a home inspector. Aspiring inspectors must attend an approved course of 180 hours out of which no less than 60 hours must be spent on unpaid field inspections. These inspections must be conducted under the supervision of a licensed home inspector and provided by the training school. 

You can find several home inspector training programs in New Jersey. However, it is noteworthy to mention that the state Advisory Committee doesn’t recognize training from an online school. As such, you may need to send an email to the committee with a formal request to allow you to complete an equivalent course from a nationally accredited college. This can increase your options regardless of your situation. 

After you have enrolled yourself in a course, be it online or offline, you will have to attend classes that include practical and theoretical coursework. The practical side of the course may need you to conduct an inspection of a house (set up by the course provider) and point out the possible issues. After the course, you will need to prepare, attend, and pass the state exam. Your course provider is most likely to give you the necessary materials to prepare for the exam, including a mock test.


Those with home inspector licenses in New Jersey must recertify to continue working as home inspectors. This allows them to refresh and update their existing knowledge about inspection work. Each certified inspector is supposed to complete 20 hours of Continuing Education every year to get their license renewed. The Advisory Committee in the state recognizes specific courses for Continuing Competency for Home Inspectors. Therefore, make sure you choose one that’s recognized.

Out-of-state certification

If you are already a certified home inspector in another state ( outside New Jersey), you can easily get an NJ license. All you will need to do is submit a letter application and pay the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Board a specific fee. If you hold a valid license issued in any other US state, with standards equivalent to those set followed in New Jersey, the board will issue an NJ license. 

Getting insurance

Every home inspector in New Jersey must have Professional Liability and General Liability insurance coverages to keep them protected from any financial liability. This is a necessary step before you start practicing as a home inspector. Getting these will protect you in case your client blames you for a faulty final report.


Being a home inspector is a job that comes with immense responsibilities, as you are giving a green card to a house that a family is going to live in for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right experience and certification. As a first step, do check out the official website for New Jersey State for license requirements. You can then find a certified training school that can give you the practical and thorough training you need.


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