Simplest and quickest ways to paint your outdoor porch


Is your front porch screaming for a makeover? Why don’t you give it what it wants? Oh! We understand you aren’t ready for an entire floor replacement. No worries. You can still make it look absolutely new. Wondering how? Well, you can just paint it. Simple! Need to know more? Keep reading!

Step-by-step guide to painting your outdoor porch!

Mostly, your outdoor porch is made up of concrete. And this material loses its beauty after some years. If the floor isn’t badly damaged, you can easily beautify it by painting over it. You can either take a shortcut by calling experts from Flamingo Exterior Plastering for exterior painting jobs which they do exceptionally well as they have got tons of experience, or you can simply follow our guide listed below and try it for yourself.

  • Step 1 —Prepare the surface — The very first thing you should do when intending to colour your porch is to prepare the floor for this procedure. Have dirt and debris settled? Clean it thoroughly. Does the dirt look deep? Pressure-wash the area. But remember to dry it entirely because painting shouldn’t be done on wet surfaces.
  • Step 2 — Etch the surface — If you are carrying the painting of the porch by yourself, you might as well risk etching it using muriatic acid and water solution. This helps the paint to spread better on the surface. But remember, it is a slightly difficult step that you have to take when you are ready to paint your front porch.
  • Step 3 —Prime the floor — Next, you have to prime the surface. An expert painter will guide you to carry out two coats of primer on this surface so that the job is done perfectly. You can use a roller applicator and an extension pole to carry out this step better. But remember, you’ll have to dry this surface completely before moving on to the next coat of priming and then dry it again before painting.
  • Step 4 —Choose and apply the paint — Now comes the main and most important step. You’ll have to select an ideal paint for your outdoors to apply on your porch. You should keep in mind that whatever shade you use, it’s going to look a bit different on this surface. So, select your pick very wisely. Experts prefer latex floor paint on concrete surfaces. And darker shades of this paint are most preferred for your outdoor spaces. These will bear all the wear and tear of the weather and other conditions in this space. Next, you have to use a roller applicator and an extension pole along with a sprayer to color your porch. You should also use a paintbrush to reach the corners which are difficult to paint. Wait for a day or two to dry this painted surface and then repeat the procedure once again.

So, isn’t it easy to beautifully transform your front porch with the help of paint? Now each time your porch screams of renovations and beautification, try these steps, and easily add life to this area of your house.


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