Some Classic Examples of Embracing Subway Tiles in Home Décor!


Remember the iconic times when the subway tiles were introduced especially in the New York subways? Well, it was back in the early 1900s. It’s almost more than a century now and these tiles have slowly crawled into our kitchen and bathrooms and in some sites, even in the hallway. So, do you want to keep pace with the trend?  

Where and how can you install the subways in your home décor?

So basically, the prime reason for the hype around the subway tiles is because these come in uniquely smaller sizes. (3:6 inches mostly!) And our designers seem to love this size and how great it looks in our homes. Next, you’ll find the subway tiles coming in an array of designs, patterns, and colors. So, even this adds to the brownie points. Now tell us, won’t you also like these tiles in your home? If yes, then you just need to call an expert from Bathroom & Tiling for tiling in Auckland and instruct them to inculcate these in your home, for they are a team of experts in tiling and construction and tend to carry out this task wonderfully.

  • Matte subway tiles — Matte subway tiles have a totally unique sophistication of their own. These tend to create such an impactful space that you’ll love to flaunt it in front of others. You can simply pick the matte subway pieces in extremely dark tones of colors like blue or red. Use it as a backsplash in your kitchen or laid in a herringbone pattern in your foyer/entryway.
  • Glossy white subway tiles — Looking to design a contemporary style modern kitchen? Well, then why don’t you opt for glossy white subway tiles? The shine and sheen are truly remarkable and if you are going for a monochromatic theme, then keep everything else in the kitchen white as well. They will blend seamlessly with white paint in the kitchen and even with the same colored floors. You can create a backsplash with tone-on-tone prints or use textured white tiles to zone out an area (say, breakfast nook). The white gives you the liberty to accessorize with bold splashes of colors.
  • The accent with subway tiles —Want to create a dramatic effect with the help of subway tiles in your kitchen or bathroom? Well, simply pick the popular styles of subway tiles for the accent wall. Whether it’s totally black or printed subway tiles in multi colours, they’ll enhance the beauty of any room if tiled with a pattern in mind.
  • The striped subway tiles — Ideal for your shower stand, the striped subway tiles are magic makers in the bathroom. You can keep it timeless by just picking striped pieces in blacks and whites of simply go boho-chic with bold color combinations, the result would be a fabulous shower stand.

These types of subway tiles are surely going to rein your décor. There are some more types of subway tiles like the ones combining to create an illusion of pattern or the textured types which would look totally perfect in spaces like hallways on the sides of your staircases, etc. The catch is to pick them in attractive colors and blend beautifully with your décor theme.


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