Some Practical and Functional Uses of Cinder Blocks


Cinder or concrete blocks are the most versatile and useful products. From house construction to decoration, these blocks are used in multiple ways in both your residential and commercial properties. As concrete blocks are super strong materials, they tend to be very long-lasting as well. Also, being within budget, you don’t have to worry about finances when you are utilising concrete blocks for your house. So, when the material is so dynamic, why not utilise it comprehensively in your home?

Best ways to use cinder blocks in your home!

If you thought that the cinder blocks or the residential concrete slabs in Melbourne from Gorilla Concrete can be just used in your driveway or flooring, then you are highly mistaken. These concrete blocks are of the best quality and can be used in very innovative and creative ways in your entire property.

  • Colourful cinder block plant shelf — Does your garden feel plain and outdated? Then it just requires a dash of colour. But do you know how to get a saga of colours in your garden? Just use a colourful cinder block plant shelf to adorn your garden aesthetically and give your plants a wonderful new company.
  • Cinder block bench — Gone are the days when outdoor benches used to be of simple wooden panels or plain cement. Today, you can have as colourful and attractive outdoor benches as you like. Just use cinder block benches and enjoy extreme comfort and beauty in your outdoors (not to mention eco-friendly functionality).
  • Cinder block entertainment table — Does your entertainment table in the living room require pizzazz? Then install cinder blocks in this area and create a nice table. Keep your books on it or simply place the television remote and other necessary items on this table. (Your TV of course gets mounted on the wall just above the table!)
  • Raised garden bed — A garden bed is always an enticing part of your exteriors. It kind of adorns your plants and flowers – like the right accessories spruce up your ensemble. A raised garden bed made using cinder blocks can be an excellent addition to your garden.
  • Cinder block grill — Cinder blocks are so versatile and functional that you can even create a nice grill with it. Place it on your deck or patio and host a nice party inviting your friends for a barbecue outdoors.
  • Cinder garden — We have already read about how cinder can become a great part of your garden. But it can become an entire garden if you are using it wisely as the base in your landscaping. Just lay them on the floors and see them hosting the best plants in your garden wonderfully.
  • Cinder student’s or office desk — A student’s room without a desk isn’t possible. The same goes for office space. Create a nice desk using the cinder blocks. The table can be entirely made up of these blocks or you can place a wooden tabletop over it to mingle textures and materials.

Are you surprised by these uses of cinder blocks? Apart from the usages mentioned above, use it in your fireplace, as a nice shoe platform in your mudroom, create a wonderful lounge using these blocks, or even a nice sombre dining table. Just be as creative as you can and enjoy when people admire your home. 


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