Style your Bathroom with Kohler Vibrant Titanium Fittings

Modern Luxury Bathroom

Kohler Africa presents a range of bathroom fittings that’s expressive and speaks for itself.  Take a deep breath and dive into the powerful tones of the trendsetting Kohler Vibrant Titanium Collection, and let the assortment mesmerize you. If you are an interior designer, Kohler Vibrant Titanium opens up a plethora of possibilities for you to come up with immaculate works of art for your most celebrated and discerning clients. 

Titanium bathroom faucets


If you plan to do up your bathroom yourself, with the powerful titanium finish as a part of the Composed Collection by Kohler. You can certainly convey both strength and style that will speak volumes about your taste and attitude. The luxurious bathroom fittings with vibrant titanium finish are trendy and offer a variety. Don’t wait, be expressive and let the elegance, strength and style of the innovative titanium finish do all the talking.

Kohler Vibrant Titanium Finish not just fits well but also further beautifies any modern bathroom interior. The finish acts as a stunning addition to your personal space because of its moodier and deeper tone. Best suited for both dark spaces and bright clean backdrops complements any kind of floor.

Like all exemplary Kohler creations, Vibrant Titanium Finish surpasses industry durability standards by more than two times. The immaculate texture of Vibrant Titanium is so crafted as to gel well with preferred bathroom finishes like stone, timber, and ceramic. From bathroom showers, faucets to hand showers with vibrant titanium finish, everything shines and makes the owner swell with pride.

Titanium Luxury Bathroom

An inspiring history of elevating luxury lifestyle

For 147 years, Kohler has been leading the world with the true spirit of luxury and gracious living. Kohler’s artists and designers endeavor to meticulously craft the future of opulence and to create benchmarks in the space of luxury living. Each day, we re-imagine bath and kitchen spaces using leading design trends and cutting-edge technology. Whether we are creating Kohler bathtubs, bidet seats, faucets, kitchen tap spouts, or western toilet accessories, we make sure we share an unparalleled luxurious experience.

Now, Kohler products are available across the countries of West and East Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at [email protected] or visit


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