Stylish Handmade Cushions That’s Perfect for Your Living Room


Whether it’s your house you are designing or your condo unit, it is very important and necessary to decorate and beautify it appropriately. When designing your house, you should stick to one design only.

This means that the colors are matching, the designs resemble to the other designs around your house, and the accessories should match with the theme or motif of your house. In short, you should mix match the decorations and beautifiers of your home.

On the other hand, our living room is the most spacious area in our house. In this area, we can see most of our decorations here. From the picture frames, the flower vases, the classy cabinet and the comfortable sofas.

We can also observe that cushion plays a part in our living room. However, our cushion should also match our house’s theme and motif so that it will maintain the beauty of your entire house.

Therefore, today, let us discuss about the handmade cushions that are perfect for your living room.

  1. Fashion Geometric Cushions

This kind of handmade cushion is very famous in most modern houses today. It shows different patterns or shapes. It can be waves, spiral, zigzag or combinations of many geometric shapes. Handmade cushions like this also adds aesthetic to your sofa. Make sure to stick with the color combinations not only of your sofa but also of your entire living room.

  1. Two to Three Bold Colors

In some cases, living room comes in neutral colors. Just like shades of gray or shades of black. But if you want to explore and make your living room look fabulous and decorative. Then, you can go and pick different bold colors for your cushions. For instance, shades of red or blue and green. Do not be afraid to try different colors contrasting the motif of your living room. Just as long as it doesn’t look exaggerated then you are good to go.

  1. Art-inspired Cushion

Who wouldn’t want their sofa to look aesthetic and attractive? This handmade cushion idea is also recommended if you want to look your living room more modern. You can use art designs as covers of your handmade cushion. For example is the famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Night”. You can use that painting as a subject of your handmade cushion. It is unique and good to look at.

  1. Varying your Cushions Shapes and Size

I know you are very familiar and used to have cushions with similar shapes and size. But it is one of the modern ideas for your handmade cushion to be varied in terms of their sizes and shapes. Some may come square, some may be rectangle and others can be round and circle. With these handmade cushions in your sofa, it will give uniqueness and art to your living room. It won’t look boring, for sure.

  1. Neutral-colored Cushions

I know we talked about exploring and trying out bold colors for your handmade cushion. On the other hand, you can still stick on your desired neutral motif if you want to. You can choose and make handmade cushion with neutral colors. So that it will be simple yet elegant. Other neutral colors you can try for your handmade cushions are seafoam, sage green and combination of yellow and gray.


  1. Metallic colors

Aside from neutral and bold colors you have in mind, you can also consider picking metallic colors for your handmade cushion. It still looks like modern and very aesthetic to the eyes. Keep it simple yet sophisticated.


  1. Varied Textures

We are talking about exploring and trying on something new. With that being said, try to not only vary your handmade cushions’ shapes and sizes, but also vary them in terms of textures. It is fine and considerable to have velvet cushion and the other is a fur cushion and some are silk cushion. This will give your living room the cozy-yet-modern aura.


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Till next time, folks!


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