Take These Baby Steps To Ensure A Quality Plywood Purchase


Looking for the perfect material for the interiors and decor of your house? Then plywood is the proper pick for you. They are sustainable, durable, and cost-effective when it comes to the interiors and exteriors of your home. These composite materials range from Plywood, High-pressure Lamanites or sunmica, veneers, fibre cement boards, etc. All of these materials have numerous variants with distinctive quantities.

Plywood is the most preferred and sustainable material when it comes to woodwork in interiors. Nowadays, plywood is the best sustainable and durable option when it comes to achieving the finish of the wood. Plywood is now used in furniture, wall paneling, and modular kitchens. The interiors and furniture of the house are crucial elements adding the essence or the vibe to the house.

Unfortunately, the market for composite materials and especially plywood, are filled with fraudulent dealers selling cheap quality plywood. This whole business of counterfeit plywood is becoming a real concern. All of these fraudulent plywood dealers are very much skilled in selling cheap quality plywood.

When you are new to the segment of plywood, choosing the right plywood is going to be a task. Choosing plywood is more like a process. You will need to first start with research, then look for the perfect and accurate grade. Further into the line is to find the authorized dealer and the last step involves a monetary transaction. You would want to choose the best cost-efficient plywood for your home and furniture.

The job of finding plywood is way more exhausting if you are a newbie, and it also involves the risk of being cheated, as 80% of the plywood in India comes from the unauthorized sector. The plywood from unauthorized sectors is of cheap quality and will dig a big hole in your pocket. Cheap quality plywood might lose its shape or become the food of termites or borers, and the worst comes worst, unable to deal with the harsh climatic conditions. That’s why you need to purchase accurate plywood from an authorized dealer.

In this article, we will enlighten you with the tips and tricks to purchasing the right quality plywood for your interiors and furniture. Let’s begin!

  1. Location matters
  2. Authorized Dealer
  3. Certification

   1. Location matters

For you, the woodwork project, choosing plywood is going to be the task. The first and foremost step in choosing the accurate plywood is to make sure you are considering the location where the plywood is going to be used.

You might not be aware, but plywood comes in different grades, and all of these grades have specific features. For example, if you are using plywood in the kitchen or the bathroom, you would want to opt for boiling water-resistant plywood or BWR-grade plywood. If you are going to use plywood in fire-prone areas, your best pick will be to choose Fire Retardant Plywood.

   2. Authorized dealers

Make sure to purchase wood from an authorized dealer. As we mentioned earlier, 80% of the Indian Plywood market is unauthorized, and all the dealers associated with them sell cheap quality plywood. The counterfeit plywood is going to create a lot of problems in the future and might cost you a lot of money for maintenance. Thus, it is always best to purchase plywood from an authorized dealer.

   3. Certifications

We all want to buy premium quality plywood for our interiors and furniture. According to the market leaders such as CenturyPly, it is always recommended to check the certification whether the dealer is authorized or not. Make sure to ask for the certificate.

Another way to check the authentication of the plywood is by the CenturyPromise app launched by CenturyPly. You can quickly check the authenticity of the plywood by just scanning the QR present on the plywood with the app and get the results. The CenturyPromise app ensures the purchase of quality plywood.


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