Test Tube Baby in Pakistan and Cost


Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby is an advancement in medical science. It has allowed many infertile women to achieve motherhood. This technique is for the women for have damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. This process is adopted when the fallopian tubes are damaged, uterus is normal and sperm count is normal.


The procedure involves the use of laparoscope, to extract eggs from female’s body. The eggs are placed in test tube and inseminated by sperm overnight. Those eggs are placed in test tube to develop until a specified time. After that, they are transferred back to the woman’s body. The process is called test tube baby because it is usually taking place in the test tube. Also referred as “test tube fertilization.” The procedure has given many successful results.

The more scientific term used for test tube baby is In-vitro Fertilisation. There is no difference between the two. Both are two different names of the same process. It is an alternative of natural pregnancy. Basically, Test tube baby is the old term used for IVF. The procedure of test tube baby is same as of IVF. The only difference is that test tube is used in the former method whereas petri dishes are used for the purpose of fertilisation in the later.

Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic is considered as a pioneer of test tube baby in Pakistan. We have successfully treated many patients from Pakistan and other countries. We are known for our pre-IVF work up in which we aim to increase the chances of natural pregnancy before commencing IVF. We are one of the very few IVF clinics in Pakistan which provide IVF training as well. We follow international protocols along and provide high end facilities for successful procedure of test tube baby in Pakistan. Besides, Test Tube Baby / IVF, we provide a number of other infertility treatments and ART techniques including IUI, ICSI, IMSI, etc.


The cost of test tube baby in Pakistan is less as compared to other countries. High end facilities,  experienced doctors and advanced technology is used in Pakistan for the procedure. Cost effective and accessible treatment is provided for infertility in Pakistan. The cost of test tube baby in Pakistan may vary from Rs.300,000 to Rs.550,000 depending upon various factors including the number of cycle. The success rate may also vary depending upon the age of the women and her medical history.

Who should go for Test Tube Baby?

Any couple who has been trying to conceive for an year and has been unsuccessful should see an infertility specialist. The infertility specialists will recommend you a treatment according to your medical conditions and history. Test Tube Baby in Pakistan has given a lot of hope to infertile couples. However, it is crucial to see an infertility specialist so you can be diagnosed correctly and appropriate treatment can be recommended to you.


Test tube baby has its fair share of risks and complications. The complications and risk that may arise out of the treatment can include:

  • Multiple Births
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Birth Defects
  • Premature Birth
  • Risk to offspring
  • Risk of infectious disease


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