The Best Shades to Opt for Your Meditation Room


Meditation is the best way to relax your senses and calm yourself. It also proves to be very beneficial for better physical health. So, right now when we’re talking about the benefits of meditation, you should also remember that the ambience around you proves to be very impactful on your meditation strategy. If we believe the colour psychology, you will find that the shades around you tend to affect your mental health a lot. That is why whenever you are choosing a place to meditate daily, it is important that you pay some attention to its decor as well.

The list of best shades for your meditation room

There are some really good house painters in West Auckland like Smart Painters Auckland who tend to carry out the job of painting your house really well. They are reliable, experienced, and even trained for the job. Now, when you contact them for painting your meditation room, think of one of these colours for the place for a peacefully perfect ambience around you.

  • Blue — The lighter hues of blue have this tendency of providing extreme calm and relaxation to your mind. It also relaxes your eyes when it’s around you. So, when you adorn your meditation room with these shades of blue, it not only makes you feel at peace but also keeps your blood pressure and heart rate under control. Further, you will be surprised to know that the blue colour also reduces your anxiety and makes you feel relieved.
  • Green — Green is another very calm shade that is both restful and peaceful as well. It is actually one of the most beautiful and comforting colours because it is the shade of nature. So, naturally, you will feel at home when you are surrounded by such a shade. You can pick up the lightest shade of green and mix it really well with beige or cream colours. In both these ways, you will find a really beneficial ambience around you in your meditation room.
  • Pink —Pink is another shade that provides loads of tranquillity and peace in the room where it is applied. And apart from it, you will find that this shade is really very cheerful. So, when you utilise this shade in your meditation room, you will find a really happy ambience around you when you open your eyes after you have meditated for some time.
  • White — White speaks of clarity and freshness and that is why it is the most perfect shade to adorn your meditation room with. White actually stimulates a really peaceful feeling in your mind and that is why if you are surrounded with white while you meditate, it provides you double benefits.
  • Violet — The violet shade signifies strength, wisdom, and peace. This shade is also said to be beneficial for your better bond growth and maintains the potassium and sodium balance in your body. Some of the experts suggest this shade for meditation rooms because, with this colour around, you really get to see guaranteed results of the peaceful outcome out of this exercise.

Remember, the result, in the end, should be a room with a beautiful yet peaceful vibe that would be very suitable for your meditating purpose. 


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