The Compelling Need To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel!


Perhaps, there are a lot of things that go wrong in your house. But some of them require immediate attention. Your electrical panel is an example. It can be called the heart of your electrical connections. All the circuits, sockets, and wirings lead to this center point. When anything goes wrong in an electrical panel, there are very high chances that the damage may spread across the entire house at a rapid speed. So, you have to be very sharp to keep an eye on all the signs of its damage and deterioration. 

Read these signs that say you need to upgrade your electrical panel!

 Your house might face a serious and complete blackout without a functional electrical panel. Fortunately, Sirrom Electrical, the electrician in Hawkesbury, is available at all times at your service. They provide immediate help in such circumstances and also install new electrical panels within the least time. But, it is better to pay attention to these signs to prevent further damage to your property:

  • Too old panel —  If you can hardly recollect when you last changed your electrical panel, then it is the first alert. An old electrical panel is vulnerable to lots of damage and may cause a drastic mishap in the house. It is better if you call your electrician immediately, and do the needful.
  • Lack of power —  An electrical panel that is not updated may not provide ample power to the household. Significantly, if you have installed new appliances lately, your electrical panel should be updated as well. Otherwise, the power supply in the house is pretty reduced as compared to the usage of electricity.
  • Electric shocks — If you face frequent and mild electrical shocks in the house, beware, it is a sign that your electrical panel is not functioning well. If you ignore these shocks, then a bigger one awaits you (just because you didn’t update it on time).
  • Burning odour and sparks — The burning odors and sparks in your house are red alerts. Well, there can be dozens of reasons for these occurring in a home. But if you find them frequently, ensure to get your electrical panel checked by an expert. There are chances that the connections in your panel are weak, and the burning smell is because of that insufficient power.
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers — Another sign that your electrical panel requires an up-gradation is the malfunctioning of your circuit breaker. When you find it tripping consistently, then probably your panel might be insufficient for its size and usage.
  • High electricity bills — Are you wondering why your electric bill is so high even when your electrical usage is low? Then you have to get your electrical panels checked. Since they are not updated, you might find a heavy rise in your utility bill.
  • Poor or unsteady electrical flow — Sometimes though you install new light fixtures, you find that the electricity is not as bright as you expect it to be. The light might be dimmer. Well, even the cooling and heating system might fluctuate a lot. This can be because of the poor and unsteady electrical flow coming from your electrical panels. If you do not replace them immediately, there is the danger of your electrical appliances like heaters and air conditioners getting damaged and giving you huge expenses.

 We think these reasons are enough to educate you about the need for an immediate electrical panel upgrade. However, you don’t need to entirely replace your electrical panels for this. Sometimes the electricians use their expertise to make your present panels competent enough for the updates. However, in such situations, the older ones shouldn’t be too old and depreciated. So, the next time you find these signs in your house, remember to call the electricians instantly. 


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