The Easy Tips to add Colour to your Kitchen


The centre of the house, the room where everyone’s heart is, your kitchen, is a vital space for everyone in the home. But we often see your kitchen always in plain colours or in neutral shades. How about adding some colour to this space? Won’t it look simply fabulous and totally astounding? If you wish to add a splash of colours to your culinary space, keep reading.

The various areas in the kitchen where colours are highly welcome

If you think your kitchen is a bit tired, then it’s time to add some colourful twist to it. Wondering how? Check these tips as to how colours are welcome in different parts of your kitchen:

  • Paint on unexpected surfaces

We have always seen paints on the walls of the kitchen. But how about adding these to the least expected places in this room? Well, you can add paint as your backsplash, on your ceiling, on the borders of your window or even behind the crockery stand. Just make sure that these are bright colours like yellow or orange or green so that your kitchen looks refreshing and vibrant.

  • Colourful tiles

If we aren’t wrong, tiles would be the dominating feature in your kitchen. These can be often seen on the walls, on the floor, and even in the backsplash area. So, when you are using tiles as it is in the kitchen, then why not make it colourful? There are numerous designs, patterns, and shades available in tiles as well. The art of decorating your kitchen with these colours and patterns induced together is fun. So, how about getting the best of these installed by My Tiling LTD providing tiling installation in Auckland that is entirely up to the mark and adds a perfect feature in the kitchen too?!

  • Update your dinnerware

The dinnerware is often the seamless part of your kitchen that is always seen on the dining table. These tend to play an important role in the decor as well. So, if you are choosing nice colourful dinnerware, obviously it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

  • Keep an accent wall in the kitchen

Most of the time, in the kitchen area, the walls are always utilised in some manner or another.  You dedicate one of the walls for the crockery settings, one for lining the appliances, one is used as your kitchen island and so on. But we haven’t seen an accent wall in the kitchen yet. Now, how about adding one just around your dining area so that this place looks really nice? Well, you can use all sorts of colours and designs to beautify this wall in your kitchen and make it a focal point of this room.

  • Add painted furniture

The cabinets and the furniture in your kitchen should be attractive without a doubt. And imagine if you add colour to these cabinets and furniture? There are numerous shades like blue, pink, orange and red (you may pick as per your décor theme) which would look really cool on your cabinets and kitchen furniture and even increase the visual appeal of this room.

The result of all these steps is simple — you get a nice colourful ambience in your kitchen which makes this place all the more inviting. 


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