The Five-Step Hardwood Floor Maintenance Guide


What is the first thing you step into when you come in from the outside?

Yes, you guessed correctly- it’s the flooring! 

Floors are subjected to a great deal of foot traffic, and they are the victims of unpleasant spills and catastrophes. While professionally cleaning them may appear to solve the problem, it is the small preventative actions that are the most essential.

In addition, each season brings unique difficulties for your flooring. Winter brings snow and ice, spring comes with rain and dust, and summer brings a torrential downpour of chlorine and water.

​​As a result, they require regular maintenance. We’re going to talk about exactly those methods to keep your hardwood looking good, so grab a cup of tea and start listening if you want to keep your beautiful hardwood floors in good condition!

Conduct A Complete Checking

Hire a home inspector whether you are purchasing a new house or if you already own one because not everything is visible on the surface.

Even if you follow all of the procedures outlined in this blog, you may still encounter problems, which might be due to a lack of knowledge about the problem and, as a result, an inability to identify a solution.

If you live in the area, there are many home inspections in Gadsden AL providing exceptional services. 

Clean Immediately After Mishaps 

You might have been casually having a good time when a bottle of coke falls over the hardwood. 

You will be tempted to leave it as it is, but you shouldn’t. Most beverages and food have sticky residue that they leave behind, and these can harm the floors.

When you notice a spill, use a dry or damp cloth to wipe it off; avoid using wet mops as overtime, moisture can cause more harm than good.  

Use Furniture Pads 

Every time you pull or push the furniture, you can hear some screeches. 

Arent those painful for your ears? Well, they are even more harmful to your floors. 

Each time you pull, scratches penetrate the surface, and scratches are one of the toughest problems to rectify on the wooden floor. 

Use furniture pads and it will completely get rid of this issue. 

Dust Daily 

First, have a no-shoe policy at your house. However, even if you implement the policy, dust is inevitable, but it surely helps minimise it. 

Dust can settle in the grains and the gaps between the floorboards, and while it might not be a huge problem for you for your fur babies, it can be a major health risk. 

So broom or dust daily as it takes a shorter time than vacuuming but eliminates the surface debris and avoids build-up. 

Vacuum Weekly 

Weekly vacuuming, though it sounds painful, is crucial to keeping your home clean. Vacuuming can remove the crumbs and dirt you might have missed while sweeping; moreover, it doesn’t scratch your floors. 

Every 4-5 years, refinish.

Wood floors might become dull with time, but they can be revitalized by recoating.

This procedure involves applying a fresh coat of floor finish to your wood floors. And you’d be surprised how a little restoration can transform the entire aesthetic of your home.


These are some methods for preserving the appearance and feel of your hardwood flooring. You’ll receive an “outstanding” response every time you step on it. 

Simple yet effective approaches, so if you attempt any of these, please let us know in the comments.


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